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Blowin\' Smoke

Anybody old enough to remember Walter Cronkite? He was the news anchor at CBS News for years.

He was considered the most trusted man in America while on TV. A newsman – most trusted! Can you imagine?

Trusting a news anchor? Republicans and Democrats trusted him. Really!

Today, our news is so slanted that even the weatherman tries to mess with our heads. You know…partly sunny with a chance of showers and sunshine…look for clouds in the afternoon with high winds; rain and a dry hot spell towards evening.

So take a raincoat, Speedo, parka and snowshoes with you if you plan on going anywhere. Heck, wear it all, you’ll look snappy!

If you think any part of the media makes an attempt to fair and balanced (sorry Fox) you’re likely being medicated by celebrity death doctor Dr. Conrad Murray or Whitney’s or Amy’s Doctor(s). The media has gotten to the place where reporting is just politicking from one side or the other.

How about this: Did you know that 19 journalists and media executives including five from the Washington Post and three each from ABC and CNN recently took jobs within the Obama administration or left wing groups supporting the president?

Think they were unbiased? It’s the tip of the iceberg.

MSNBC must not have had any openings. Those numbers are conservative (sorry about the curse word) and probably outdated faster than I typed them.

And while Bill O’Reilly (the opinionated old goat) and Sean Hannity (the angry little fart) try to balance things out, TV news is overwhelmingly liberal. Even the ex Goodyear blimp/drug addict/philanderer/radio poinsonality Rush Limpbag cannot offset the slanted news of the liberal mainstream media.

And that Keith Olberman – a real slanted d-bag! The “d” does not stand for democrat……this time.

Virtually every paper, magazine and news outlet is owned and operated by the left…if you can control the media; you can control the United States and the sheep that live in it.

And that’s because many people are not baaaaad, it’s just they are lazy and refuse to think for themselves. So they simply march single file to pull a lever for whoever is advertised on their TV. And they are glaaaaad to do it.

Here in Wisconsin, the Capital is Madison a hotbed of hardcore liberal politics. The biggest city is Milwaukee a typical liberal, broke Midwestern city. Unemployment among minorities is obscene.

Our newspapers and local TV news is so liberal you have to read stories on the internet about anything that is not pro Democrat. It’s a fact.

Thank God sports are local and factual. Yah sure, we love dem Packers!

I really don’t like the extremists on either side. They contribute to the polarized electorate; paralyzing government while continually misinforming us. On purpose!

Do a little research on a group called Media Matters. It’s run by a psychotic that cannot make up his mind who he supports.

Currently he’s on the Obama bandwagon….but that could be temporary. He is a certified nutcase.

Right now Media Matters is spending millions to discredit any and all Republicans as well as any conservative TV personalities. Does anybody else think this is a waste of money?

Really, with all the bleeding hearts in this country wouldn’t this be a better place if instead of giving money to politicians or political groups we gave all that money charity? Well, really?

And those billionaires that line the pockets of the super PAC’s for the candidates; they should donate to feeding the poor, help the homeless and orphans. In fact, for every dollar donated to a political group (including Planned Parenthood) a matching one should go the poor.

That will make the money dry up for the politicians. Billionaires would lose influence with the president so why waste the dough?

The wealthy donors would not give a crap about helping the needy since they don’t vote much and orphans are too young. There’s nothing in it for them.

Those multimillion dollar returns on their investment for backing politicians would soon disappear. All those creepy, creepy old billionaires would have to look at something different to do with all their money other than corrupt politicians.

Did I say creepy? Am I the only one who thinks all their skin looks completely transparent and those red rimmed yellow watery eyes…..ewwwww. But Politicians think they are HOT!

Don’t be naïve to think those super PAC’s are not buying the candidates. They even get ‘em gift wrapped too!

I don’t care who you are rooting for, your candidate will respond to a billionaire donor before they would the citizens of America. Just like the one in the White House now.

There’s a word that is used when people pay somebody for services rendered. I don’t understand why it’s illegal when sex is involved and it’s not when the survival of our country is at stake.

As I am writing this I am struck why these insanely wealthy people contribute so much to politicians. It’s not because they have the same core beliefs as the candidates, it’s because they are betting on who can be bought to help their business holdings.

They look at what the politician is saying then they start betting who they think will win. In recent years, presidents reward their biggest contributors with policies and programs that make them millions upon millions.

Buffett, the Koch Brothers, Soros and the rest will just get richer. They will reap huge rewards from their candidate while this country will continue to decline and our future dim.

With Obama looking better and better for re-election (those stupid Republicans can’t do anything right) Obama’s billionaire buddies are lining up to buy influence….and they certainly will get it.

Barak will not bite the hands that feed him, he kisses the ring. Always has.

He is brazen in his rewards for monster campaign contributors. I know…he is not the first. If I was writing blogs a few years ago I would have been writing much the same about Bush.

Only I would have been making fun of all times he screwed up. My favorite was when he held a book upside down while reading to a little girl. Oh yeah, his “Fool me once” bit was pretty good too…and so was the gynecologists’ speech….actually, that one was priceless!

Obama doesn’t make those mistakes….he never speaks without a teleprompter. He doesn’t do or say anything without it being completely staged. He’s as real as Joan Rivers face. Newt on the other hand is as real as Cher’s.

The Republicans that think Old Newt is the only guy that can go toe to toe with Obama in a debate are wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Helen Keller could to go guns with him in a debate. He cannot recite the alphabet without a teleprompter.

Anyway, I will give one clear example of how truly bias the media is. If you don’t see it here….Helen will have to help you.

When Obama introduced his latest budget he referred to it as one “that was built to last”. There is something about that phrase that would lead one to believe that it would do some good down the road. You know he said it in all seriousness and his followers believed him.

Everyone but the far left knew that statement was complete BS, even those closest to him knew it.

Obama’s boy Timothy Geithner admitted before the Senate Budget Committee that the budget does nothing to reform entitlements which keeps this economy on an unsustainable course.

Unsustainable….do you get it? He’s saying the budget is crap, but it’s re-election time and Obama wants to continue to reward his followers with entitlements.

His own man said the current level of entitlement programs is unsustainable. Those are his words! But who gives a rip?

Leave ‘em in and keep those voters on the dole. Keep the unemployment high so people need a flipping hand out! Unsustainable!

That’s what Obama is saying…..not me….and Geithner is saying it too! Hello? Hello? Bueller? Bueller?

That means the budget nothing but a bunch of smoke and mirrors to help Obama get reelected. It is not the best for the country…..and the Treasury Secretary said as much. The President knows it too. Shameful.

It was a year ago Old Tim used those same word….unsustainable. In other words for the last two years our president knowingly put forth a budget not to help this country get out of debt, but to keep us on a downward spiral. Not my words…..his Treasury Secretary’s.

Obama's budget entails an "unsustainable" course for entitlement spending and the dealing with national debt.

Helen can hear that! But it never shows up in the mainstream media. Walter would have reported it. Nobody with guts left I guess.

Before the Senate Geithner even stated that as a result of this process the problem will be with us for decades to come. Feel better about the future now? Well, do you?

He says there is gonna be nothing left. Unsustainable.

And Obama will get all the press he needs railing on the Republicans for not passing his budget. He does not care about the outcome past the next four or five years.

Hardly a peep from the media. Or outrage in this country. We are so baaaaaaad. We need a shearing.

It is that one sided. Obama knows it’s a crap budget. His own Treasury Secretary says it’s crap and nobody reports it!

God, I miss the truth in the media. Sheesh, it would be nice to have a politician that cares about this country instead of themselves and their backers… either party.

I think those backers give these jokers a false sense of who they are. Our leaders are elected to do the right things for this country….not for their backers, not for their egos and for personal gain.

Too bad we don’t have Walter Cronkite around to tell America where the truth lies and who’s zoomin’ who. It would be nice to have somebody to believe in…..somebody that’s not trying to blow smoke up my……The End.

And for all you liberals that want to burn down my double wide because I dare say stuff about your beloved, remember this…..I moved up to this double wide during the Clinton years. When there was a balanced budget and a Democrat worked with a Republican Congress. Remember?

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