Both Caligula And Nero Were Both More Mentally Stable Than The St Maarten Government
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Both Caligula And Nero Were Both More Mentally Stable Than the St Maarten Government

I should begin by saying that I have researched both Caligula and Nero, and I believe that they were a lot more sane than the St Maarten Government. St Maarten is a country only 37 square miles, however only 16 of those miles are Dutch. Now the French St Martin side, has their own problems and issues, but being adjacent to Dutch St Maarten can only put them in better standing worldwide.

Dutch St Maarten gained country status on October 10th 2010. There were many celebrations, and Dutch St Maarten had high hopes of improving its status on the world's stage.

What the St Maarten government has done since gaining some autonomy from Holland, was run amock.

The 2014 election campaign should be a spectacular disaster. Evidently Little St Maarten, like any wanton brat needed supervision, and they still do.

Many in the Dutch Sint Maarten government have already been to prison, are under investigation, or about to go to prison.

Our Dear Honorable Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams, spends all of her spare time Zumbaing in front of the Government Administration Building. How inappropriate, but she has to stay in shape to keep her 'boy's in line.

Sarah Wescot Williams, might be the Prime Minister, and she might be the most powerful woman in St Maarten, but everything she has earned has been through her wiles and cunning.

She got the least number of votes during the elections, which should have put her out to pasture somewhere, or she might have become a Parliamentarian. Instead, Sarah allowed her 'boys' Theo Heyliger and William Marlin to duke it out, all in the while she was priming her position.

According to many sources Theo Heyliger could not work with William Marlin, because William Marlin was too arrogant to deal with. The truth is, Sarah and Theo always had the Claude Wathey connection. Claude being Theo's grandfather, and Theo being Claude's air apparent. And Sarah was Claude's speech writer, among other things.

It wasn't as much about Williams arrogance, as it was a chance for both Sarah Wescot Williams and Theo Heyliger to continue their money making endeavors off the labor of St Maarteners and any other foreigners they could bring in, use and then deport.

They said that the Marlin-Wescot Williams coalition could not work because of Marlin's arrogance, but I've met Marlin, he might be somewhat aloof, but when it comes to arrogance, I guess those closest to him would know his personality a little bit better.

They used the 'arrogance' smoesje to claim that it was impossible to work with William Marlin, and although William and the National Alliance got the most votes. Patrick Illidge and Frans Richardson who were already at odds with their leader defected, joined The United People's Party Romain Laville, became "The Independents", and started the government without the top vote getters the National Alliance.

There were many who were saying that the United People's Party was a ploy to get the voters who had grown sick of the Democratic Party's hold on St Maarten for over 50 years. So when Theo and Sarah reunited, not many political intellectuals were surprised.

The bottom line is, Theo has always been Sarah's boy, and she loves to show her powerplays to her 'boys', when she can.

When the UP and the DP teamed up, most in St Maarten were utterly sick by the trick that had been pulled on them, there was a lot of disatisfaction.

There was always a strain between Sarah Wescot Williams and Theo Heyliger who she commonly refered to as 'the boy'. Sarah Wescot Williams was tutored by the main Master himself Claude Wathey. When it was obvious that he was ill, and wouldn't make it, the supposed agreement was that Sarah would take the reigns, and control the party until Theo Heyliger was of age.

Well Claude Wathey "The Old Man" died, and Theo Heyliger, barely literate and with the most basic, rudimentary education was put on the election slate to represent his grandfather. To show the Democratic Party's cunning. They used posters and placards with the now deceased Claude Wathey's face, but put the name Theo Heyliger under it, to fool the older voters into believing that a vote for Theo, was a vote for Claude.

Now nobody questioned the fact that Theo Heyliger was nothing like his granddad.

Claude Wathey was known to give out cash and presents during elections. It was no secret. My mother received enough fridges and stoves from Claude Wathey. And as a single mom, with virtually no formal education, she almost looked at "the old man" as a saviour. My mother loved Claude Wathey, and I loathed him.

In St Maarten when you naturally are aversed to a person without a reason they say "my spirit don't take them". Well Claude Wathey was very good to my mother, but whenever she would see him with me, and greet him, and he was always nice to her and gave her what she asked for, even as a child I did not like Claude Wathey.

His eyes were always cold and calculating to me, he reminded me of a villain. I also had a certain fear of him, because even adults seemed to have a healthy fear of him.

My childish instincts were right, Claude Wathey would give you a stove, as his people in the Kadaster and the Notaries were stealing your land. There were many elderly people back then who were illiterate and could not even write their names. They could only mark an 'eks' where they were supposed to sign.

This is how many local St Maarteners lost their land, and millions.

This land worth millions is now in the grasp of the Watheys, the Labegas and the de Weevers.

At least Claude Wathey was known for taking his percentage, his ten% for every business he set up, every house he helped build. He also ran a scam where he would allow people to live on his property for decades, allowing them to believe that they owned the property. When he died, his children simply came in and evicted people who had lived in their property for decades.

Theo Heyliger on the other hand is very different from Claude in that whereas Claude would always give something substatial back to please the voters. Theo Heyliger wants it all. The Dutch Call Theo Mr 10% which is wrong. Theo Heyliger is Mr 100%, and whatever crumbs my drop from his lips, he might allow you to have.

Sarah dropped Theo when she realized that her Title as Prime Minister was just that, a title and she ran back to William Marlin. During Jouvert (it was the Jouvert coup) there was a coffin with pictures of Sarah Wescot Williams on it. Not to mean voodoo, or obeah. It was to symbolize that Sarah had said that she would only align with William Marlin over 'her dead body'.

Sarah soon realized that Marlin was not as bendable as Theo, so the government had to collapse again. Note that the only common denominator in all of these Government Coalitions has been Sarah Wescot Wiliams aka High Empress Zumba.

Now Theo Heyligers "New Party" the United People's party, is old news and faded, but it's not going to be that simple for the St Maarten voter.

Behind the scenes people like Sarah Wescot, William Marlin and Theo Heyliger have been setting up 'offshoots' of their own parties. Which means they are funding new candidates to lead their own party. These new parties are simply the old parties in disguise. They've burned too many bridges, now they need new puppets.

As soon as these new parties get any votes, they will join a coalition with the "mothership" Sarah Wescot Williams. And once again the lady with the least amount of votes will be in power.

And once again, people will shake their heads as St Maarten continues its downward trip to the sewer.

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