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Herman Cain: Experts Warn That He May Be Running Out Of Time To Right His Sinking Ship
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Herman Cain: Experts Warn That He May Be Running Out Of Time to Right His Sinking Ship

Political analysts and experts are warning Herman Cain that he may have very little time to get a handle on his campaign as he works to remain on top of the Republican slate for that party's presidential nomination. Cain, who exploded onto the scene at a time when other candidates were having their own struggles, has since found himself in the media fire, facing allegations of sexual harrassment stemming from incidents that allegedly occured in the 1990's, when Cain was serving as the head of the National Restaurant Association. According to media reports, Cain has been accused by at least two women of inappropriate behavior, accusations that he vehemently denies.

But, Cain was given prior warning before the news broke, given as much as ten days to have his statements prepared. Instead, Cain gave several conflicting statements in one day's time, beginning with stating that was unaware of these allegations and then ending with admitting that there might have been a small financial statement to one former employee but not going so far as acknowleding that anything wrong had occured.

At least one of those women may be ready to come forward now, according to Joel P. Bennett, an attorney who made that announcement to the Anderson Cooper show. According to Bennett, the woman is discussing the possibility of getting a release from the National Restaurant Association so that she can speak to him. The woman is in possession of the settlement she received and may allow him to have a copy of it. But, experts warn that even if the woman decides not to go any further, the settlement and other documents might be leaked to the press.

Another report in the New York Times has indicated that another woman was given a full year's salary as a settlement from the National Restaurant Association in connection with Herman Cain and an event that may have involved heavy drinking. While Cain had dismissed allegations as not realistic and had insisted that the women were only given a few thousand dollars, this report of a settlement of around $35,000 may be a serious bump in the road that he will have to deal with.

Cain and his supporters have called the media reports nothing more than a witch hunt. His numbers in Iowa and other locations are still high. In addition, he has the very vocal support of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Cain may have more serious issues to deal with in his campaign which is being dismissed as inept by many experts. Now, there are new allegations that his Chief of Staff has set up a private corporation which has given his campaign goods and services that total $40,000.

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