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New Hampshire Bill Threatens Women's Choices With False Health Claims
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New Hampshire Bill Threatens Women\'s Choices With False Health Claims

In New Hampshire, the Tea Party is in control of the House of Representatives as evidenced by the new bill that passed there. In addition to mandating that all women seeking abortions must wait for a twenty four hours before getting the procedure, the bill will also demand that all doctors in the state tell their patients that having an abortion can increase their risk of breast cancer. That bill was sponsored by Representative Jeanine Notter and has been vocally condemned by the Democrats.

Critics are calling the breast cancer link nothing more than scare tactics and the willful spreading of false information. In addition, the bill will be forcing doctors to either be non-compliant with the law or to break their Hippocratic oath because they will be giving false or unproven information to their patients. According to both the World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society, there has never been a clear or established link between abortion and breast cancer. Notter based the bill that she backed on her "feelings", her "beliefs" and her "understanding" rather than on clear and concise facts or reality. Notter told the press that she "understood" that abortion could cause spaces in the ducts of the breast which allowed cancer cells to grow. Notter also claimed that birth control pills also caused breast cancer in women in much the same way as well as causing prostate cancer in the sons of women who had taken them.

Information that doctors will be forced to give to women seeking abortions will include fetal pictures and a list of various agencies that help with pregnancy and/or childbirth. The possible medical side effects will also be listed and each woman must sign a form that says she received and reviewed everything before the procedure can be performed. A doctor can waive this information and waiting period if there is a medical emergency that warrants it. That includes the case of ectopic pregnancies, removal of a fetus that has been miscarried but not expelled and to deliver a child before his due date if that will save the child and/or the mother. New Hampshire law does not call any of those situations an abortion.

Notter is citing the work of Joel Brind, a biology professor at Baruch College in New York who has claimed to have found a number o scientific studies to back the claim of a cancer link. The law must go through New Hampshire's state Senate and then to Governor John Lynch before it is signed into effect.

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