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Obama Announces Troops Coming Home: Republicans Cry Politics And Worry About The Future
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Obama Announces Troops Coming Home: Republicans Cry Politics And Worry About the Future

The Republicans are shouting "politics" at the President's announcement that the troops will all be pulled from Iraq by the end of the year. Mitt Romney and others had scathing remarks for the President's announcement, decrying it as nothing more than a political move, meant to curry favor with the nation rather than a well thought out, military plan. Romney is calling the plan, a fulfillment of one of the President's main campaign promises from 2008, "an astonishing failure" and questioned whether it is a coldly calculated political move or a ineptness on the part of the President.

Michele Bachmann also voiced her displeasure with the announcement, echoing the sentiments of Romney, calling the move a "complete failure to secure an agreement with Iraq for some of the troops to remain". Bachmann also feels that the President should be demanding repayment for the cost of the liberation of the Iraqi people.

The move is in part, the fulfillment of an agreement that was struck while George W. Bush was President. That agreement had all of the troops coming home by the end of this year, without any one remaining behind to maintain the infrastructure that should have been put in place by now. The training for the police and military was expected to have been completed by now. There is some question that the Iraqis are not prepared to handle their freedom at this time.

Herman Cain, speaking from Detroit, has questioned why the President did not consult with the commanders on the ground before making the announcment and expressed concern that all of the details were being laid out for the enemy this way. Cain himself has come under fire for his lack of foreign policy knowledge or experience, saying in part that there were experts that could handle those details for him. Cain had been touring the country trying to defend his controversial tax plan but that has been taking a back seat to other concerns as of late, including this latest issue.

There has been some question of whether Senator John Boehner was consulted before the announcement was made, however, his comments after ward were not as scathing as other Republicans. He remained cautiously optimistic, saying that he hoped that this was the right thing to do and that all of the positive progress made in Iraq would not be lost once the troops were brought home.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have come out in full praise of the President, saying that he has honored his commitment to the international community as well as advancing our own national security.

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