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Obama Healthcare Bill - Romney Lies About Obamacare
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Obama Healthcare Bill  -  Romney Lies About Obamacare

I want people to understand the Obama healthcare bill and how Mitt Romeny lies about what is now known as "Obamacare"

That is why I am writing this article today. To simply point out the facts about this healthcare reform. I do not wish to convince you one way or another, that is not my job. My only intentions of this is to make it easier for people to find, all in one place, the facts.

This is going to better help Americans understand this bill and help them to decide who they really want to vote for in the upcoming election. So let us get on to the facts now.

The First Republican Distortion

First of all, lets talk about the statement that the republicans and Romneys team has been throwing all over the place lately to mislead you. They have said that the President promised not to raise taxes by a penny for the middle and lower class, and that he is doing so with the healthcare bill.

Now, I want to tell you the truth of this matter. Truth is that Obama has cut taxes by nearly $3600 for the average middle class American over the past 3 years.

Another thing to point out is that 19 million people will recieve a tax credit of about 4800 dollars each to help them better afford health care. That comes from the independent Congressional Budget Office, look it up.

Around 1 percent of people, those that can afford healthcare but choose not to get it, will pay a penalty in the form of taxes. This ensures the lowering cost for everyone.

That is the SAME strategy that Romeny himself used when signing health reform into Massechusetts. As a matter of fact, the penalties were bigger than Obamas proposed for many people of Massechusetts. So how can he say he doesnt like this if he did the same thing?

Second Way Mitt Romney Lies

He claims that the Obama healthcare bill is going to make over 20 million citizens lose their current insurance.

This is the farthest from the truth. Let me explain.

Nothing in Obamacare makes you leave your health insurance. It only makes it stronger in the following ways:

  1. If you have a lifetime or annual limit which is known as a cap, IT IS NOW LIFTED. NO MORE CAPS ALLOWED.
  2. You can now, if you choose, keep your children on your plan until the age of 26.
  3. Insurers can no longer turn children down due to any sort of pre-existing condition.
  4. Starting in the year 2014, they can not deny insurance to ANYONE because of any sort of pre-existing condition
  5. They will not be able to charge females any more than they do males for the exact same type of coverage.
  6. They also can not drop anyone due to sickness. EVER.

Republicans Distortion 3 Of Healthcare Bill

Yet again they mislead you. They say that costs of health insurance and care is going up.

Well, it has been for years. Here is what Obama does about it with his healthcare reform.

  • Ensures that insurers spend 80% minimal on you, not on ceo bonuses and crap like they are known for. Not on fancy upgrades.

Other Important Facts

Medicaid will now be expanded to allow anyone that has income up to 133% of poverty level.

Those between 133% and 400% will be eligible to recieve federal subsidies to help afford healthcare if they choose to purchase through the exchange program.

People Who Can Not Afford Due To Financial Hardship Will Not Be Charged A Penalty!!

Those are just a few of the distortions and Romney lies about the new Healthcare Bill, aka ObamaCare.

Please feel free to chime in below with some comments.

Street Talk

if Obamacare is so good, why did the president give out vouchers to certain companies for exemption an in return received large campaign contributions???? Grow up, Kool-Aid boy.

  about 1 decade ago
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