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President Obama Wins
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President Obama Wins

The American people have spoken; the President has been elected to a second term. It has only been a couple of days, but still social media and news channels are reeling with conversation about the 2012 Presidential election. President Obama defeated Mitt Romney to earn a second term as President. I'm not sure about you, but I am thankful the election is over. My news feed in Facebook and Twitter were consumed with political posts, complaints, and endorsements. Every other commercial on television was a political ad. The streets were crowded with political signs. Everywhere I turned was something relating to the election. Now it is over. Now we can get back to life as normal. Right? We can get back to normalcy, can't we?

I fear many Americans are struggling to get back to life as normal. So many had put their hope and confidence in the election of one man: Mitt Romney. He was going to be the savior of America. He would fix the economy, create jobs, eliminate same-sex marriage, put a stop to abortion, and on and on the list could go. Conservatives (and many semi-liberals) everywhere were determined that Romney would defeat the President. In fact, they were putting all of their stock in it. So now that it is hasn't happened, is there any hope? Is the country on its way down the proverbial tube? Is the debt going to continue to sky-rocket and unemployment get worse?

I don't claim to have the answers to any of these questions. Frankly, anyone who does is guessing. They are giving their opinion based on history and professional experience. My concern is simply that we as Americans unite together. We must quit sitting around complaining and worrying about our future as if all hope is already lost. Our hope is not in one man. America is too great and too large for that.

Mitt Romney was not the answer! Your values have not been lost. Your hopes are not destroyed. Your confidence in the greatness of America must not be shaken. America is great and can achieve all its greatness again. The President cannot destroy it because America's greatness lies in its people!

Will you unite with your fellow Americans in the quest for restoring this great country to the greatness and stability it once enjoyed? Will you do your part to repair and better the economy? Will you take a proactive approach in the creation of employment for those who are without work? Don't sit on the sidelines complaining and waiting on one man to fix everything. Do your part! Get involved! Let's all be part of the solution!

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