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Every United States citizen has the right to bear arms. This right was given to us by our fore fathers when they wrote the United States Constitution, which includes the 2nd Amendment. Many believe that this applies only to the military. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that we have the right to bear arms for the protection of our homes.

Our current administration, does not believe in the 2nd Amendment. If President Obama is given a 2nd term of office, we will have a fight on our hands to keep the right to bear arms. Our President is in support of the Organization of American States gun control treaty and has gone as far as to urge the United States Senate to ratify the treaty. He also has appointed two Supreme Court Justices, that have his same views toward the 2nd Amendment. He will also, more than likely, have the opportunity to appoint one or more Supreme Court Justices, with his same views, if he is re-elected to another term of office.

You ask what you can do to save the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution? One of the best ways would be to write your elected officials in Congress. Inform them of your views and urge them to vote against any legislation that destroys the 2nd amendment and takes away our right to bear arms. Remember, your elected officials, work for you. Another way would be to join a pro gun organization. The one that is the biggest, in my opinion, would be the National Rifle Association.

As stated in the 2nd Amendment, we have the right to bear arms. The right way to do it, is to do it legally and safely. Be familiar with your hand guns and rifles. Take classes to learn the right way to handle your firearms. If you feel you need to protect yourself while you are out on the street, take the classes to get your concealed carry permit. Each state has it own laws concerning concealed carry, so be sure to check that information with your state government or local police department.

It's a shame that we have to fight for a right that was given to us by our fore fathers. But, it's a fight that we have to win. For example, I was recently informed that the government of England had taken away the right of the English citizens to bear arms. You know what happened? England's crime rate has risen 400%. Do you want that to happen in our great country? I sure don't!

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You can't lose your second amendment right without a constitutional change. So let this issue stay at rest. With more and more gun laws being considered there will be ample numbers of individuals and groups challenging these things in court. It's a right and that right cannot be taken away from us without a constitutional amendment and the people won't vote that way. As I understand there are 36 guns per person (man-woman-child) in America. Too many guns to silence. What our endeavors need to be directed at are things like open carry. If a robber comes into a grocery store and sees 15 out of 50 people shopping with a weapon on their hips, the person planning on robbing the store will simply go elsewhere. It works in NM and other states where open carry is legal and crime is no where near what it is in other states per capita. And I'm talking about violent crimes not traffic tickets and such. If you don't like hand guns then get you a can of wasp and hornet spray. It shoots 20 feet. If the attacker gets it in his or her mouth, eyes and or nose, they have about 30 minutes to get to a hospital before it's too late to administer an antidote. Good info for women to have and for men that don't want to use a handgun. Stephen

  about 1 decade ago
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