You Know These People
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You Know These People

Here’s some real examples why people vote the way they do. Usually we avoid talking about politics with friends because things can get so volatile so quickly. Recently a series of events opened my eyes and well, I’m here to report the facts….M’am.

These are stories as I heard them or observed them. They are personal because they all involve people I know.

1. A married friend came up to me a few weeks ago and said that she signed a “Recall Governor Walker “petition and was proud of it. She got up in my face and said “I want him gone and bet you don’t…..Ha!”

Trying to diffuse things I said, “Well, I don’t agree with everything he….” Before I could finish, she immediately got in my grill saying all he does is take money away from hard working people.

I backed off and thought: her husband is retired on a lucrative state pension and she’s collecting disability for something. They are in the 50-60 year old range, retired and travel all the time. Did she say working?

They are Democrats…and given their circumstances of course they want to recall Scott Walker - a budget cutting conservative. They will vote a straight Democratic ticket. I shut up.

2. A friend of mine is married to an outspoken evangelical. They are both very active in their church. They have three small children and both are professionals.

She works at a hospital and some of her coworkers are gay. At a holiday get together she told me she felt bad that her coworkers did not have the same rights as other couples with property, inheritance, illness issues and yes, even marriage.

She said if her husband (or friends) ever found out she felt that way he just might leave her because he doesn’t believe that’s God’s way. (Ouch!) The national debt makes her worry about her daughters’ future. She votes Republican to give their children a better life but wishes the party was more inclusive. That means you need a gold card to get in.

3. I actually had a long term acquaintance yell at me during a recent conversation when I said that I am an Independent. He said, “You stinking Republicans use that as a cover.” “You are all murderers!” “Do you know that half the Republicans running for president think my son should be dead?”

You see his son has AIDS and is getting federally subsidized treatment that has improved his health greatly. He needs the program.

(Example) Ron Paul has said that AIDS patients should not get any federal help. They got it on their own and they should pay the consequences. Other people shouldn’t have to pay for that. Odd that Mr. Paul doesn’t view Diabetes or Heart Disease like that because people ate too much…just a thought.

So in my friend’s eyes, he would rather see his son live than vote Republican. I get it. His son doesn’t have a gold card.

4. After a divorce, a friend bought a house when prices were sky high through a finance company that gave him great rates…but went out of business. He nearly went bankrupt trying to keep his home, has huge credit card debt, pays child support, his 401k was tapped and the volatile stock market took care of the rest. He is hanging by a thread. Any big expense could put him under.

He said he will vote for anybody that will cut taxes, cut government employees, cut government pensions, cut their medical benefits and the general waste of tax dollars. Did I mention he wants a tax cut?

He feels that nobody lifted a finger for him and he’s tired of carrying other people that get so much for free. He’s angry and voting Republican.

5. A young lady’s husband passed away a few years back. Their son was very young. She gets Social Security for him and herself. With the life insurance settlement and other funds, she is okay financially and does not have to work.

She has a new partner and children by him. Certain benefits will be lost if they get married. Because they file taxes separately, she pays no taxes. Her partner has a good job and files taxes claiming their children…she claims her first.

It works out very well financially for both of them. They pay virtually no taxes. She is terrified that a change in the White House could mean a reduction in her benefits. They both are voting Democrat.

6. A married couple I know just walked away from their home. The wife lost her job when the company she worked for moved to a state with lower taxes and no union. (Just a fact, not a commentary) She was a hard core Democrat while she was working and even until her unemployment ran out. She made cash on the side babysitting.

Recently her husband took a reduction in pay to keep his job and delivers papers to help make up some of the difference. They rent now, cut back on TV, phones and entertainment. Their kids (teens) are rebelling and blame their spartan lifestyle on their parents.

The last time I saw him he said “This president has bailed out everybody and everything. He was nobody before he got elected and now he lives like a king. When do I finally get some help?” He will vote Republican. This go around…she might too. I dunno.

7. Another friend lost his job and lived on unemployment until it ran out. He got a job the following week. (Odd isn’t it?) He believes that he would be better off and so would the country if they simply spread a little more of the wealthy people’s money around. By taxing them a little more, his taxes would be less and he would have more to live on.

He also believes that we should pull out of all the countries where we have military activity and redistribute that money as well. He believes that federal programs to help the poor should also be expanded at the expense of the wealthy and military.

I asked him exactly who are the wealthy…he replied anybody making over $200,000. I didn’t need to tell you he is voting Democrat.

8. A mother of two lost her job and eventually her health insurance. Recently she was diagnosed and treated for Lymphoma. Things are going well physically for her. However, she is over $150,000 in debt. She is afraid of losing her home. Her parents and friends from church are all helping.

She is starting a new job soon. Politically, she is torn between hoping that somehow Obama Care can help her and worries about government waste and the national debt. She feels that so many people are getting benefits for free and she gets nothing.

She is not sure who she is voting for. She wants a slice of the pie but feels that this administration is throwing money away and there won’t be anything for her or her kids. She is undecided.

These are all real stories about people I know. I feel for each and every one of them…almost. Certainly, some will never compromise on issues that are near and dear to their heart…or their wallet. Some are genuinely sad.

What is clear to me are the dramatic changes that happened in many people’s lives in recent years. Changes in income, debt, health and employment are everywhere. And when it comes to politics, don’t forget the role of religion. Many social and moral issues that individuals feel unbending about are based on religious beliefs.

We know those that believe that birth control is not God’s way. There are those that believe abortion is never justifiable…ever. Capital punishment, gay rights, creationism, free enterprise, Israel and public prayer are all hot buttons for the right.

This group is also fiscally conservative and would like to see a federally balanced budget. Many in this group see America heading towards Socialism.

The polar opposite are those that believe a woman’s body belongs to her and support abortions in general - even late’s a women’s decision. They believe in equal rights (including marriage) for everybody, a more isolationist foreign policy, evolution, global warming, social programs and subsidies.

Liberal programs cost money so therefore this group is fiscally and socially liberal. They believe big government is a good thing.

I understand why those getting some sort of assistance vote Democrat. They don’t want to lose what they have. 47% of all households in America are getting some sort of federal or state assistance. To some it is all they have…others are simply enjoying it.

There is no question the Democrats are certainly more inclusive in their outreach. By being more inclusive they develop programs for those that vote for them and their followers are very dedicated. These programs cost money and this group never wants the programs to go away. Hence…spend, spend, spend. The jaded call that buying votes and continuing the welfare spiral.

Many of those that vote Republican are employed and tired of government entitlement programs. Many have experienced cut backs, pay and benefit cuts in the private sector. Some of them are that dirty 1%. (Celebrities and sports stars are not included - of course). They have seen bailouts, handouts and the unending drain on our country’s finances.

Retirees see the country going broke and things drying up for them. By and large they see government (union) employees continue to maintain pensions and benefits unheard of in the private sector. These people want to see the “pensioners” be in the same boat as them. After all why should they go without and pay for others to retire at 50 or 55? Hence…cut, cut, cut. The jaded call that selfish, uncaring and un-American.

So like my friends I spoke about earlier that are mad and scared about things in their lives, we too react to those that tell us what we want to hear. Democrats have no problem with Obama’s politicking, posturing and playing golf. Republicans take issue with everything he says and does. And they are so self righteous. Democrats cannot grasp budget cutting. They ignore the federal deficit. Republicans forget that the federal government and the national debt grew like crazy under Bush as well. (Another ouch!)

The concept of bi-partisanship is a thing of the past…it makes politicians look weak. The far right and the far left hate compromise…and so we remain divided.

And the moral of this story is…our politicians are crazy because so many of us believe we are 100% right and the opposition is 100% wrong. They cater to us…reinforcing the things that already divide us and we vote for those that keep it that way. Then we gripe about it. Duh!

Basically the right and left cancel really each other out. And that my dear friends are why Independents elected the last few presidents and will likely elect the next one.

All the nutcases on both sides can now shut up and stay home on Election Day. Nobody ever needs to run another political ad again…..hooray!

Let the independents do the dirty work and vote. Let’s bring sanity back to America. Then the left and the right can have somebody new to blame for everything…those doggone crazy middle of the roaders! Ha…unity at last!

Street Talk

WOW let me be proud to say i am the first to comment on this article. It was put together very well but i kind of got lost in all the stories. i understand we have to right these things in a certain format but maybe if you had titled the stories just before the paragraph started i would have stayed interested to read all of them. instead i read only the first 2 and the last one. Your conclusion had me almost persuaded that you lean more toward Republican but none the less you justified it by not be bias in pointing out their flaws just as well. i agree in that we should vote for a new party to be in office but its going to take a lot more mistakes before we see this change, at least that's what i think. I hope i was able to give you some good insight on your writing and hopefully when my articles get approved you can come criticize me and my work.. Have a great day my fellow writer!

  about 8 years ago
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