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Asian Flush Linked To Boredom
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In a recent study done by some guys down the street, Asian flush has been linked to the personality flaw of being extremely boring. Those with Asian flush can't drink. Ok, they can drink water and other non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, juice, and milk (amongst other popular drinks), but booze makes them turn red. This occurs in over fifty percent of the Asian community (and two percent of Europeans). Hence the name of the condition - Asian flush.

Asian flush is actually called alcohol flush syndrome by people of higher education, and is not just a newbie mistake or flaw. It is caused by the lack of an enzyme called ALDH2. This thing is responsible for breaking down some poisons in alcohol. That means that when you don't have ALDH2, the poisons build up in your body and make you ill. Or horribly red.

So in general, people with Asian flush don't drink, thus making them boring. I don't know what I'd do on the weekend if I wasn't going out to a club or having a couple a brew's in my back yard. Imagine that. Different people experience Asian flush do different degrees so not everyone has to follow the same restrictive diet of zero-alcohol, but the sad thing is that many people out there can't enjoy a glass of wine. They can't party on Friday. They can't partake in the mini-bar at hotels.

What do sufferers of Asian flush do with their free time? Probably play Warcraft. Or write poetry. Some attempt to drink unsuccessfully like my friend Michael Wong. We had a couple of glasses of whisky last night and after the second glass his eyes got puffy and red and he eventually stumbled home.

Is there anything that these guys can do? In recent years, the young Asian community discovered that antacids can help to reduce the redness and other negative effects of having Asian flush. They help to slow down the breakdown of alcohol and the build up of toxins. Antacids also have the side effect of making you get drunk quicker. It is still up to debate whether this is a desirable effect.

There are some other methods that seem to work for some and not for others, like carbohydrates, sugar supplements, and splashing cool water on your face. Those who are less sceptical of internet scams use The No Red Face Formula, and e-book that trains you to overcome the condition.

Continue to learn more about Asian flush symptoms and how to cure Asian flush. If you want to be less boring you need to get started today because Friday night will be here in no-time!

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