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Food Allergies
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When a person has an allergic reaction after eating some food item, it is more then likely caused by something that was put in the food. Some people do suffer from food allergies but it is rare. Some people suffer from food intolerances and say that they have a allergy to that particular food. For example, I have a lactose intolerance. I have severe intestional cramping, nausea, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea if I eat anything in the dairy group. This would not be a food allergy, it is an intolerance to dairy.

If you remember in one of my past articles I spoke of a 5 year old child that came into the hospital with severe hives. The only allergy that he had was aspirin. And, the only thing that he ate differently were yellow marshmallow chicks out of his Easter basket. The doctor found that yellow food dye has the same chemical makeup as that of aspirin. So this child had an allergy to a substance that was put into the marshmallow, not to the marshmallow itself.

Children tend to develope food allergies more then adults.* It is rare for an adult past the age of 30 to develope food allergies*. This is why babies, just starting to eat baby food should only be given one food items at a time for a few days, to see if they react to it. If you give baby more then one new food item that they have never eaten before and they react in some way, you really do not know which one is causing the problem.

Foods that are most likely to cause food allergies is milk, egg whites, peanuts, legumes, nuts and wheat. Food allergies also tend to be inherited.

In my article on Food Additives I found that the *additives BHA and BHT are not tolerated by some people. What the doctors are seeing is health and behavior issues with these additives. BHA, a perservative is put into foods to keep fat from turning rancid. BHT is put into foods to help enhance food color, odor and flavor. In my research on these they are looking at BHA and BHT as being a possible carcinogen. I have read that BHA and BHT is used in shrimp and fish. I hear of people now and then who claim an allergy to shrimp. I have to wonder if it is in actuality is the preservative not the food source.*

My husband and I drink a lot of water, but neither of us like plain water especially well. We have searched the grocery shelves for flavored water packets that do not have anything in it that we would worry about. We think that Propel is good and Krogers carry a water packet called Active LIfe. Both are very good. We did find a water packet once that said. "Use caution in drinking this product, it is manufactured in the same environment as where nuts and wheat are processed." If someone has a peanut or wheat allergy or intolerance they would not want to take the chance of using that product. This is why you need to read labels!

If you have eaten something and shortly after you experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hives, swelling of the lips and tongue, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, sudden drop in blood pressure, convulsions, and possible shock, it probably is a severe reaction to some substance you have ingested, and you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If the reaction is not severe an antihistamine is helpful. Even so call you doctor or hospital ER for advice.

If you know what caused your allergy you should avoid that food. Allergic reactions can possible grow in intensity each time you have a reaction. It is very time consuming for you and your doctor to determine the allergy source and more times then not a cause cannot be determined.

I hope that my research helps you in some small way. Continue to use caution when shopping and Read those labels.

To your continued improved Health and Fitness

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