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How To Cure Your Allergies Better By Natural Treatment
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More so than ever before do individuals manifest allergies. Is it to do with the spread of harmful substances in the environment, in our diet, in our processed food, in our homes, in the cars we drive? Any allergy is symptomised by reactions by our body triggered by some stimulus. Many of us are allergic to some elements around us at some time. Only blood tests and skin tests can measure our allergy in many cases to ascertain not so obvious underlying causes.

Numerous types of allergies exist beyond the obvious ones such as hay fever or gluten. Such as hidden food allergies to many food groups thought to be beneficial to you in providing vitamins and minerals required for the nutrition to provide our energy. Some allergies are bizarre but nevertheless they affect individuals. When we define an allergy, we refer to reactions by individuals which are abnormal in comparison to other individuals. By percentages of allergies recorded, the most common is eczema which accounts for 33% of allergies followed by hay fever at 31.7% and sinus allergy at 30% with asthma at 18.5% and food allergy at 17.5%. About 70% of allergies develop during early childhood.

By referring to the words abnormal reaction we refer to symptoms of rhinitis manifested such as breathlessness, coughing, vomiting, palpitations, eyes watering, numbness, dizziness, rashes, welts, swollen lips, inflammation swellings. Severe allergic reactions include increased blood pressure, lapsing into states of unconsciousness, loss of breathing and even heart failure. Together, these severe associated symptoms are known as anaphylaxis. All these emotional and physiological reactions have emotional and psychological impact on the social life and mental health of sufferers.

One known underlying cause common to all allergies is that the body auto-immune system overreacts by releasing massive quantities of anti-histamines into the body. Since these anti-histamines are designed to repel dangerous foreign substances invading the body such as viruses they flood into the bloodstream leading to severe reactions among some individuals when others react to the stimulus as being harmless. Food allergies are triggered by hidden food allergens. Only by blood tests can any proper diagnosis be made of the condition.

Sensitivity intolerances to food groups, artificial sweeteners, toxins, household mites, dust, tree pollen, grass seeds,spores, air fresheners, household chemicals, perfumes,workplace chemicals lie at the heart of allergic reactions. With current genetic research advancing so quickly, the genes which cause these reactions are beginning to be isolated. From this point onward, medication can be formulated to assuage the onset of allergic reactions.

Food chemicals and food proteins trigger responses at the cellular level which alter the body autoimmune response. Epiphrene and sodium eromoglycate have the most effective results in alleviating the onset of anaphylaxis by eliminating anti-histamine overload. These work by blocking the histamine inflammation caused by chemicals released in response to this allergen. Eight food groups cause 90% of food protein allergies. Wheat contains proteins known as albumin, globulin, gliadin, gluten. Milk is responsible for child food allergies. Next most prolific is eggs where the egg white protein and yolk protein trigger allergies. Peanuts and soy are next most frequent. Both are also found in processed meats, baked desserts and are classed as legumes which trigger symptoms ranging from acne to canker to conjunctivitis to anaphylaxis. Fish is the next most frequent and is indeed lifelong as an allergy. However, this allergy may be limited to one type of fish. Eczema, swelling, itching, wheezing, dizziness are typical symptoms. Shellfish is the penultimate group to mention with shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels, oysters capable of triggering fatal anaphylactic shocks. Lastly, tree nuts which encompasses walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts trigger severe shocks.

Many triggers for allergic reactions are microscopic and therefore invisible to the human eye. Take for instance, household fungi thriving in damp and neglected corners releasing spores or dead dustmites faecal matter released into the air supply. At some point these spread and are breathed in. Dust works in the same way and at some point comes into contact with our respiratory system. Air particle filter systems are the solution. Some extremely rare allergic triggers include aquagenic urticaria where any water touching the skin triggers severe symptoms, sunlight, electrosensitivity to electrical devices such as mobile phones, personal computers, ipads, iphones, chocolate, exercise, even sex.

Natural treatments work well in soothing allergic reactions. For pollen insensitivity, honey and cider vinegar or butterbur leaf rapidly counter the effects of hay fever. Elimination diets are particularly effective once the risk of allergic reaction has been identified. In the case of gluten, this is not so easy because gluten is one of the most widespread additives and hidden ingredients in food. Only by testing what the individual eats and their skin reaction can the stimulus be identified.

Gluten food proteins are prevalent in wheat, eggs, flour, corn, peanuts, groundnuts, rye. Coeliac disease is the medical term defining gluten allergy. However, gluten is present in small quantities in dressings, salad dressings, Indian subcontinent sauces, confectionary, processed meats, protein shakes. energy drinks, energy bars. Only exhaustive testing can lead to the design of completely gluten free diets.

Allergies to dairy products are alsop becoming ever more widespread. Lactose intolerance is common among many young children allergic to milk. Shellfish are another well known trigger of allergies. Legumes such as peas, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes and peppers are rich in lactose and lycopene. These two food proteins are well known to be the trigger the onset of allergic reactions.

Citric acid is beneficial to many individuals but not to everyone. Some individuals have adverse reactions to oranges, grapefruits, kumquots. Much more surprising is the fact that apples which are widely regarded as one of the staples of good nutrition in terms of vitamins and minerals trigger allergic reactions in others. Until complex skin tests are administered for individuals, many individuals may not be aware as to what food chemical or protein they are allergic to.

Another particular cause of allergic reactions is glutamic acid. As this is particularly prevalent as an artificial ingredient in numerous processed foods, for those with an allergy to glutamic acid elimination diets have to be devised. Artificial sweeteners also contain high levels of monosodium glutomate which exceed the essential levels of glutamic acid essential for our cells to function.

One more particular trigger of allergic reactions to consider is tartaric acid. Fermented foods have abundant levels of tartaric acid which turn into excessive sugar levels in the digestive system triggering the proliferation of candida bacteria in the intestine walls which leads to the creation of microscopic holes in the gastrointestinal tract. Because of this, food toxins seep out into the bloodstream and cause allergic skin reactions such as rashes, inflammations, eczema. Beer, ale, wine, doughnuts are the most common sources of tartaric acid.

Despite these numerous triggers for allergies, there are particular safe food groups which can in fact reverse the symptoms of allergies. Of these, vitamin c rich foods and beverages from natural sources are particularly effective when countering the harmful flood of chemical additives into your diet as are any foods with curcumin and quercetin extract. All these foods alleviate rash and inflammation.

Other effective natural cures for allergies are omega-3 oily fish, chicken, lamb, brown rice, broccoli, pears, sunflower seeds, soy, tofu, natural yoghurt as part of your diet. Live cultured macro-bacteria in natural yoghurt is particularly effective at healing the damage to your colon walls. If you flush your system with the recommended 6-8 glasses of water per day, you should notice much more improvement in preventing the outbreak of any allergic reactions.

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