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Mattress Cleaning
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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Sanitising In Melbourne

How often do you wash your undies? Generally after one or two wears one would hope.

Could you imagine wearing the same pair of underpants for five years or longer?

If you haven't had your mattress cleaned and sanitised recently you might as well stop washing those favourite undies of yours because your mattress now very closely resembles those unwashed underpants on a biological level.

Even if you change your linen every single week your mattress has more then likely become a major breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. 

Every single person loses at least one litre of fluid per night, even on the coldest of nights. The majority of this fluid consists of sweat but all manner of other body fluids and oils are released every single night, x 2 of course if yours is a shared bed.

This bacteria ridden solution mixes with the thousands of discarded skin scales and other microscopic debris that we shed every night and easily passes through the fine wove of our sheets and mattresses. 

What I extract from your mattress is a mixture of your fluid and discarded skin scales. It comes out as a grey coloured powder that is absolutely filled with allergy causing dust mites. These mites use this cocktail of dead skin and sweat as their stable, uninterrupted food supply. They do little more with their days than gorge themselves on this high protein powder and make baby dust mites.

If you are allergic to the dust mite or, which is more often the case you are allergic to their excrement, you may find that your time spent in your bedroom is often the same, it revolves around sneezing, itchy eyes, laboured breathing, coughing or any other amount of hay fever type symptoms. 

It is completely natural to lose skin cells and bodily fluids but what is not as natural is to sleep on the same mattress and pillows night after night and year after year without a thorough cleansing of that area. After all lets face it, this is where you spend between 6-8 hours a day.

Having your mattress extracted and coated with anti allergen and anti dust mite solution once every six months will give you a much healthier nights sleep. At 'Mattress Cleaning Melbourne' you will see that the anti allergen and anti dust mite solution I use is US EPA, USDA A-1 tested and approved. Both products have a general lifespan of up to six months in normal conditions. 

Another part of my service involves carpet sanitising. If your bedroom is carpeted why not have both your mattress and carpets extracted and sanitised at the same time? If it means breathing more freely and a less interrupted nights sleep in the room where you spend so much of your time its just got to be worth a try. 

So If you or any of your family members suffer from allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever, sinus pain or early morning fits of excessive sneezing the benefits of mattress and carpet sanitising could be extremely relevant. 

Steve Stoward is a licensee for 'Health Protect International' and a professional in the area of mattress cleaning.


Street Talk

I think I am going to throw up. That is so gross. Do they, the mites get into the deep mattress part? How deep does the cleaning go? It almost seems like a body should put a plastic sheet down, then some form of foam padding before the sheet, then toss the foam pad after a few months of use. Is that feasible? I have heard the mattress can actually way twice as much after a few years of use with all this stuff we lose at night. I never dreamed we lose a quart of sweat a night. Good grief Charlie Brown.

  about 1 decade ago
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