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Stop Asian Flush From Killing Your Social Life!
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Asian flush could be killing your social life. Nowadays, drinking is a large part of culture, whether it be going out with some friends to relax at the end of the week, trying to meet some new friends if you're bored with your regular friends, or work functions with colleagues and your boss, drinking can seem unavoidable at time! If you've got Asian flush it could mean that you're completely unable to participate in these activities.  You're left on the sidelines while everyone goes out and has fun,  or you're stuck with a red, swollen face and a sick feeling in your stomach as you try to have a good time.

To understand how to cure Asian flush, you've got to understand what it is.  It is not an allergy. An allergy is an overload of histamines caused by the bodies misinterpretation of harmless substances. Asian flush is a completely different thing.  Asian flush is a genetic condition that causes you to have trouble digesting alcohol properly. Actually, it's not the alcohol, it's a byproduct created in the process of digesting alcohol called acetaldehyde.  It's toxic and if not converted to something non-toxic, can cause the flushing and illness experienced by sufferers of the condition (officially known as alcohol flush syndrome)

So how to you cure Asian flush and get your social life back? An actual "cure" isn't really available because it's a genetic condition. You can't change your genes can you?  However, it can be treated or prevented.

To prevent Asian flush you can take antacids.  There are other OTC drugs a few individuals may recommend, but antacids are generally accepted as something that is a quite reliable prevention method. The type, amount, and frequency varies for each individual. In my personal experience I've heard of people taking as few as one for an entire night to as many as four extra strength over the period of a few hours.  This, unfortunately is a very "trial and error" method, and you'll need to invest some time and money (for booze and antacids) to find the right balance for you. There is little information available about the long term effects of frequently taking antacids.

As far as treatment goes, The No Red Face Formula is an e-book which teaches you techniques to control to symptoms associated with Asian flush.  There is nothing to re-order, no pills, shots, or tonics.  Over time, you can train yourself to overcome your condition as opposed to only preventing the symptoms.

Stop Asian flush from killing your social life! Visit to find out more about the No Red Face Formula as well as other cures and some awesome drinking stories from the site owner!

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