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The Truth About Adult Food Allergies
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The Truth About Adult Food Allergies

There are many theories that surround the mystery of food allergies in adults, but only one of them is true. How can we tell the difference between the facts and the rumors? Which one is true? Can they be cured? Some people say that food allergies in adults are all mental, or “in your head;” others say that they are born of pollen or that the only way to have them is to have lived with them your whole life. Other people say things different still. I will tell you the truth about food allergies. And yes, they can be cured.

Food allergies, celiac, intolerances, whatever you call them they are all the same thing. You can rid yourself of food allergies, but first I have to teach you a little about them. Knowing the truth about adult food allergies will help you overcome them. I’ll start with the absolute basics.

Understand that the kind of food allergies I am writing about are completely unexplained by leading medical science studies, but when has medical science ever been right? If you research food allergies and listen to what the, so called, “experts” have to say about it, you’ll realize that your pet dog knows more about food allergies than they do. It’s plain ridiculous.

Sometimes, adults (or even teenagers) will grow into food allergies, with no past of food allergies before. Why this happens has been a mystery to most, but soon you will know why. I’ll explain this first and then explain how to rid oneself of these food allergies. It’s kind of like, “understanding your enemy.” So here it is; the truth about adult food allergies.

Your stomach lives in a delicate balance, with everything where it’s supposed to be, and everything coming into it being able and ready to be digested at the proper time. If any one of these things is knocked off balance, the entire body can suffer from it. The most common thing that will throw your body off is strong medicine, or antibiotics. Sometimes an incredibly poor diet or extreme stress will do the same thing. These will eat through the lining of your stomach and intestine walls, making them semi-permeable. This means that certain objects are allowed to pass through it into the blood stream while most are retained in the intestines and stomach. When an object or molecule of some kind falls into the blood stream where it does not belong, it is recognized by your blood as a foreign entity and enemy and therefore attacked violently until it is purged by your system, resulting in violent sickness, stomach pains and irregular bowel movements. This is the cause of food allergies in adults, and it is called leaky gut syndrome.

What objects, or molecules reside the most in your stomach and intestines? The answer is food; therefore, the objects falling through your intestines are molecules of food. This is a food allergy. Now that you understand the nature of adult food allergies, let me help you to understand the gravity of them. What kind of food do you think falls through your semi-permeable gut? The food you eat the most often, or that there is the most of.

Peradventure you ate more wheat than anything else. If your stomach was semi-permeable (hereafter referred to as Leaky Gut) then you would become allergic to wheat and would have violent sickness and stomach pains every time you ate it, along with an emergency rush to the bathroom. A smart person would then eliminate that food from their diet, and would start to feel much better. Let’s say though, that you thereafter replace wheat with rice, and you start to eat rice more than anything else. Slowly, you’ll realize that you’re sick again as the rice begins to fall through your intestine walls into your blood stream. This is the cause, and the truth about adult food allergies.

There are many other symptoms that are results of leaky gut syndrome that can also be healed along with your food allergies. To explain simply, your body becomes extremely focused on ridding your blood stream of food molecules and allows protection in other areas to slide. Your immune system is lowered and allows your body to not only get very sick very easily, but to develop many other serious problems. Some of these problems include ulcers, migraines, fatigue, arthritis, asthma, depression, brain fog, bad acne, acid reflux, an infected gall bladder and irritable bowel syndrome, along with every cold, and flu bug that comes your way. These seem like a lot of big problems all caused by such a simple cause, don’t they? What if I told you that these could all be healed just as easily as your food allergies?

Hopefully you now understand the seriousness of Leaky Gut Syndrome. The more you eat, the more you hurt. To summarize, once an adult has food allergies, he will continue to get worse and worse until he either has nothing left to eat, or does something to heal himself. But how does he heal himself?

Now that you know the truth about adult food allergies, and how they come from leaky gut, you can understand how to heal yourself. The source of your food allergies comes from your leaky gut, so we need to heal that, and all of your other health issues will solve themselves. Too good to be true? It seems like it, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The secret to healing your Leaky Gut is actually quite simple. We do this by putting your gut in the ideal environment to heal, and then strengthening it as much as possible with nutrition and supplements. A 10 week diet with extremely personal specifications involving food rotations with avoidances, and eliminations is required. 10 weeks is a long time to ask, but compared to the rest of your life, it’s well worth it.

This diet is different for every person, since every person is different, but it mainly consists of fruits, vegetables and meats on a planned rotation with no sugars or toxins or anything that is harmful to your body in any way. Some people would stop there, but in order to heal your Leaky Gut, you have to go the extra mile. It isn’t enough to just not take in anything harmful to your body, but you have to not take in anything that isn’t beneficial to your body as well. The battle of your body has begun, and you need every advantage you can get. I’m not going to pretend, funding a diet like this is more expensive than every-day, normal eating, but so are trips to the hospital.

Once you begin the diet you will slowly start to heal. First the brain fog that makes your head feel fuzzy and dizzy leaves, and then you feel healthier. After that you’ll begin to have more and more energy. With the advantage of this diet, you will soon be completely healed, feeling healthier than you can remember. You don’t have to be sick every day, terrified of milk or some other food that you can’t have. Food doesn’t have to be your enemy. You can find the food allergy cure.

Now that you know the truth about adult food allergies, you have the ability to take action and rid yourself of your health problems, once and for all. Don’t let food allergies ruin your life, take control of your health. Be free from food allergies.

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