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What You Need To Prevent Asian Flush
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How long are you on the path finding a way to prevent Asian flush?  The internet is full of resources, forums, and sites all touching on the subject, and it seems that there is no cure in site. I think it's important to understand that there are ways to prevent Asian flush, while trying to cure it is another story. If you know your stuff, the whole background on what Asian flush is may be a bit redundant for your, but I'll start from the beginning for the guys who are just beginning their research.

Asian flush is actually just a nickname for the called alcohol flush reaction.  Symptoms include puffy, red, or itchy skin, redness on the neck or whole body, hives, dizziness, nausea, and other uncomfortable reactions.  It looks like an allergic reaction (but it's not).  The reason this happens is that people with Asian flush are lacking an enzyme called ALDH2. What happens is as our bodies begin to metabolise alcohol, a byproduct called acetaldehyde is made in the process. This is toxic, and the enzyme ALDH2 is responsible for breaking this down into something non-toxic (vinegar I think).  However, without this enzyme, the acetaldehyde builds up and poisons us, giving us these terrible reactions.

This is different from an allergic reaction.  Allergies are caused by the body's false perception of something harmless, as being harmful. For example, many people are allergic to peanuts, cat fur, or pollen. These things are usually not harmful to the body. However, when perceived as toxic invaders, histamines are sent to attack. The overload of histamines causes things like increased heart rate, flushing, swelling, blackouts, or acatalectic shock.  While many of the symptoms are similar, the reasons behind them are very different.

So how can you prevent Asian flush from happening? There are several ways that are getting tossed around the internet. Dietary supplements or methods of eating get mentioned here and there as having a certain percentage of success. Carbohydrates among other types of common foods are sometimes reported as being effective when eaten before drinking.  Certain OTC drugs are in a similar standing, allowing some people to prevent Asian flush in some situations, but the record isn't great.

One method that seems to be quite reliable is antacids.  Antacids, of course, were originally designed to reduce stomach acid. However, they have the added effect of slowing down the metabolism of alcohol and thus the production of acetaldehyde.  Simply said, the body has time to 'catch up' and break down the poisons that are the cause of Asian flush.

However, there are some drawbacks to this solution. As with other solutions listed in this article, it is still unclear just how much should be taken, how often, and if there are any long term side effects. Also, it doesn't seem to work on everybody, or in every situation.  It can prevent Asian flush most effectively for a few drinks, but if you're planning on having a big night out, it may not work so well.

Another possible, but slightly unorthodox solution is called the No Red Face Formula. Their site opened in 2006 and now boasts ten thousand satisfied customers. They claim that with their e-book, they can teach you techniques to control and eventually get rid of the alcohol flush reaction.  These techniques are shrouded in mystery and copyright, so very little information is available about what exactly these techniques involve. However, it is clear from the site that it not a pill, shot, or tonic, and there is nothing to reorder.  They also provide a reassuring money-back guarantee, perhaps aware that many customers are aware of purchasing things online.

The amount of research into how to prevent Asian flush is still in its infant stages, and many of the methods I've mentioned are still very 'trial and error'.  If you're unsure about anything, the wisest decision is to contact your personal doctor for a professional opinion. is has free resources and links about ways to prevent Asian flush, as well as information about The No Red Face Formula. Visit

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