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7 Reasons To Increase Platelets Naturally
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If you or a loved one is suffering from low platelets or ITP blood disorder it is very important to be under doctors care. Only in this way can your condition be monitored. Doctors provide the much needed tests and advice to guide you through this very stressful time.

If you decide to favor increasing platelets naturally you should express your wishes to your doctor. He or she should be willing to cooperate with you in this regard. More doctors are realizing the value of including natural methods in overall treatment strategies.

Below Are 7 Reasons to Increase Platelets Naturally

1. Immune System Balanced

Standard medical treatments are geared towards suppressing the immune system. This can permanently damage the system in the long run. Natural methods are about modulating the immune system and bringing it back to balance. Once this is accomplished then the immune system can be boosted without further platelet destruction.

2. Immunities Preserved

With prescription drug therapy your immune system is suppressed and therefore your immune defenses are also negatively impacted. This makes you more susceptible to common colds, flues, and other infections, viruses and bacteria. Natural methods are a better choice because with a balanced immune system your natural immunities are preserved.

3. Less Side Effects

This goes along with #2. The side effects from standard medical treatments include immune system damage. Platelets may be preserved and even increased but the long term effects will eventually catch up to you. There are many other side effects with powerful drugs and risky surgery. All these can be minimized if using natural treatments to increase platelets. Actual natural remedies, if used correctly have little to no side effects, that is why they are called "natural."

4. Better Long Term Results

This is a big one. Because when you increase platelets naturally you will be encouraging your body to use its own healing processes. In fact you will be boosting these processes by giving them the need supplements, vitamins and minerals. You will also be eliminating any activities that produce negative effects on these very processes. Because of these "life changes" you benefit in the long run.

5. Overall Heath Improves

This was partly covered in #4 but I would like to ad the fact that part of overall health is mental health. When one is sick and it is an everyday occurrence, depression sets in. It is proven that depression has a negative effect on ones physical health. Part of the success of alternative methods is the hope they create, especially when progress is realized. This will have a positive effect on both physical and mental health.

6. Less Doctors Visits

You can increase platelets naturally in the privacy of your own home. It dosen't require any doctors or hospital visits. As you make progress and increase platelet counts and they stay in the safe zone your doctor will not need to see you as much. Now that time gained can be used doing the things you like.

7. Get Your Life Back

When you have a chronic condition like ITP blood disorder your whole life revolves around the illness. Everything you do is scheduled around doctors visits and your physical limitations. This interferes with all the usual things in life, things you need to do or would rather be doing. This can even create a wall between friends and family. By increasing platelets naturally and putting your condition into remission you will be getting your life back.

It must be said that in order for you to be healthy again you will have to be proactive in your health. You can't just leave this to others, including your doctor. Only you can make this happen. Educate yourself and learn everything you can about alternatives that can Increase Platelets Naturally.

Dr. Louis Cruz has written a very helpful guide called Conquer Low Platelets that covers all the methods he uses to Increase Platelets Naturally. These methods are backed with scientific evidence and work. Dr. Cruz has successfully treated his patients and family members and lays out the process in layman's terms that are easily understood.

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