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Best Herbal Teas For Sleeplessness
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Best Herbal Teas For Sleeplessness

Suffering from lack of sleep and looking for a healthy alternative remedy? Here are some of the best herbal teas for sleeplessness which affects nearly a third of the population. Stress plays a central role in whether you get a good night's rest or not, and in some serious cases, insomnia can occur if stress is prolonged.

Depression, certain medications, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol and eating too much late at night are other possible factors that could lead to a bad night's sleep. Feeling groggy, grumpy and irritable are some of the symptoms caused by sleep deprivation. If these symptoms persist, then this could lead to higher levels of stress in your relationships, your work performance and could endanger you life and others - falling asleep at the wheel or operating heavy machinery.

In order to battle another day, the body, mind and soul needs to restore and heal itself and sleep is the most natural way to achieve this. Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system causing you to be more susceptible to illness and disease as your body slows down the process of healing and re-building new cells.

Life can be chaotic, even in the best of times and we all need some time to chill out, relax and reflect on our day-to-day existence. Try some of these herbal blends to aid in sleeplessness and help you drift off......zzzz.....zzzz....zzz....zzz.


Not just for cats, its safe for human consumption too! It has a relaxing and soothing action on your nerves to help promote restful sleep. Can ease internal stress, nervousness, soothes digestive problems and can stop internal spasms. Catnip can be used in eliminating indigestion, heartburn and gas, which are some of the symptoms from eating a big meal before you go to bed, especially if it was a late night curry!


Nicknamed the “all-around comforter”, it is essentially a sedative and can be used to help combat insomnia, sleep disturbances and anxiety. Chamomile herbal teas are commonly used in order to promote a good night’s sleep as it can help relax muscles due to its anti-spasmodic actions. A chemical found in the plant, called 'apigenin', calms the central nervous system and can soothe nerves before bedtime and make it easier to drift off to sleep. It is also safe to use on restless babies and children.


Known as the “good night flowers”, hops are more commonly used in beer to give its distinctive flavor, yet it has a long history of being used as a sedative. It is often used in night-time herbal tea blends to aid in restful sleep and the Meskwaki Indians of Native America used hops in pillows to induce sleep which are still used today.


Known as the “herb of harmony”, the aroma from this plant comes from airborne molecules called 'linalyl esthers' (oils that stimulate the olfactory nerve in the brain) and helps calms the central nervous system. It has a reputation of being a mild tranquilizer and is widely used to ease anxiety, tension, headaches and dizziness due its anti-spasmodic properties.

Passion Flower

Known as the “herb of tranquility”, this trippy-looking plant contains tranquilizing compounds that improves circulation to your nerves and helps tones the nervous system. Good for all nervous disorders such as irritability, nervous tension and agitation. A cup of this herbal tea blend can ease anxiety and aid sleep without the feeling of drowsiness the next day. It is also known to increase vivid dreaming when combined with other relaxing herbs!


Known as “nature’s tranquilizer”, this herb is a natural sedative and anxiety healer and can help soothe the brain and nervous system (but shouldn’t be taken with sleep-inducing drugs as it will enhance their effect) to help promote a better night's sleep. It has been aptly named ‘Phu’ due to its strange and repulsive aroma, Valerian contains chemical compounds called 'valepotriates', that gives its sedative effects.


Before self-administering herbs, ‹you should always check with your health care professional or medical herbalist. Each herb has a different action, nature and property, making them unique form one another. Taking too much or too often of one herb some can sometimes do more harm than good so its best to knowledge yourself first.

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