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Best Life Diet
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I never cared too much for the word diet. I think that if we use that word from the get go we are setting ourselves up for failure. I consider a diet as a temporary plan to lose some weight and see our goals met. Then what? What do we do if we have met our weight loss goals? Do we keep to that diet plan we have been on or do we get rid of it? Eventually I think that we have all been there at one time or another. We certainly don't want to continue that stupid diet, so most of us start to gradually enjoy all the foods that got us into trouble in the first place and suddenly, it seems as if overnight we have gained more weight then when we started that diet.

I have said early on that weight loss is a LIFE CHANGING thing. It should not be any particular diet plan. It is something that when started needs to continue throughout our life. It is a mind-set that anyone who wants success in becoming more fit needs to come to grips with. It will be a change in the pattern of our life from what we are used to. It should be a whole new life style, thus LIFE CHANGING.

What one needs to tell themselves and understand before starting any life changes for weight loss is that you, I, or whoever did not put those extra pounds on overnight and it is going to take a while to get rid of them and the rest of our life to make sure that the pounds do not return.

I am doing some research on diets. The next diet that I came across is The Best Life Diet. You may have heard that this is the plan that Oprah Winfrey credits her weight loss to. This diet speaks about the fact that you have to make a life change forever and always to make this work. It gives the reader a fresh new approach to taking off those unwanted pounds. It does not claim to be a diet at all, but the teaching of a new life style of healthy eating and moderate exercise. Oprah claims that after a life time of being on a roller coaster with diets this finally worked for her. And, I think that it could for anyone else with a determination to improve their health.

The thing with most diets is that people try to make a sudden and drastic change to their eating patterns and these changes. When we take them on so suddenly they get old and boring real quick. This diet encourages a very gradual transformation of unhealthy eating into a healthy eating and exercise experience. This makes sense to me because I feel that we need all the time we can muster to change our life style of unhealthy habits.

The one thing that I don't necessarily agree with is the fact that this program suggests different brands and I really don't believe that this is all that important. Just remember to read the labels before you buy and you should be ok.

There are three phases to this plan. While most plans start out very strict this does not. This plan also allows for some moderate indulgences. And, like I said before, it takes the old approach of getting rid of the things that are not healthy, such as fried foods, fast foods, too many sweets, sodas, too much bread, all the white stuff in your kitchen and all the stuff that I have already mentioned in my previous articles, you will lose weight, and as you follow this life style you will keep the weight off and you give yourself a fighting chance to stay healthy as you possibly can.

I give this diet two thumbs up and challenge you to explore what this is about. Internet The Best Life Diet and read for yourself what this has to offer. Then speak with your doctor about your weight loss desires and strives for improved health and wellbeing.

Good luck and here's to your improved health and fitness.

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