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Diet The Atkins Way?
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The articles that I really want to tackle next are all the various diets on the market today. When I research diets I am astonished at the amount of diets available. Some of these diets I have tried and had weight loss with. Some of these diets I have heard about but have not tried. Some I have never heard of before. Some are good and then some not so good. It is my intention to research many of these diets and pass on to you the basis of them. If some of these diets trigger an interest and you have a weight loss goal than speak with your doctor and discuss the possibilities with him/her.


The first diet on my list is the highly controversal and very well-known, Atkins Diet. The theory here is that people who are overweight eat too many carbohydrates. Our bodies burn both carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy for us. The body will burn carbohydrates first. It will then burn stored fats if we cut out the carbohydrates. The experts say that our bodies need about 150 gms of carbs a day for healthy body function. This diet will cut ones carbs to about 20 gms per day. This practice long-term will put our body at risk for metabolic disorders such as diabetes and or kidney problems. The plan says that over time you are ok to start increasing the carbs as long as your weight loss has been gradual and is maintained.

On the Atkins diet you are eating nearly all protein and fat. There are a lot of steps to weight loss on this diet, especially for the first two weeks. If this diet sparks an interest in you then I suggest you research this diet well, and speak to your doctor before starting.

Many health experts believe that this diet works in people if you are looking to lose weight and improve heart health by decreasing cholesterol levels. Although, the long-term safety of this diet stay in question. Remember what I have said that a diet plan no matter which one it must be a plan that you can work with, is healthy and LIFE CHANGING.

Experts say that there are serious questions about whether this diet is effective enough for weight loss long-term and is it in fact promoting disease processes by developing a metabolic pathway to such illnesses as cancer, bone loss, heart disease and stroke. Experts remain concerned that this high protein, high fat diet can cause a lot of problems especially for people already at risk. Does it promote kidney and liver concerns due to high protein content.?

Common sense tells me that someone who has heart problems or kidney problems would not want to go on this diet, but this is just my personal (and professional) opinion. I feel that we have enough these days to deal with. Why do we want to put our health at higher risk by making bad decisions.

I believe that one can lose weight on any diet that requires you to eat less, but that does not mean it is all that healthy either. If you are searching for a weight loss plan, you, of course should visit your doctor and hear what he has to say. In the end you will have to make up your own mind and possibly risk the consequences if your decision is wrong and you go against your doctors recommendations.

I think that the key words to keep in mind is that any choice LIFE CHANGING.

*Reference is The Atkins Diet*

Here's to your improved health through healthy decisions

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