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Epilepsy Facts Treatment AND Recovery
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Epilepsy Facts Treatment AND Recovery

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes repeated seizures. Seizures are when the brain has trouble with impulse activity causing attention and behavior disorders.

Epilepsy happens when major changes happen in brain tissue and then producing unstable reactions within the brain. The reactions are visually shown through the body creating signs like;

· Empty stare or gaze

· Body convulsions

· No control of body functions

Epilepsy can be caused from various traumas to the brain like;

· Stroke

· Alzheimer’s disease

· Traumatic brain injury

· Birth defect

The root cause and main area that causes these episodes derives from the corpus callosum which lies deep in the brain and is a cluster of nerves used to tie the two hemispheres of the brain together by keeping the two sides of the brain on the same page with communication.

It also is used to control eye movement and to maintain the Balance of Arousal and Attention. These Disorders of the corpus callosum are not illnesses or diseases, but abnormalities of physical development. If Epilepsy has started early in life it is almost certain it is due to the corpus callosum growth issues.

If epilepsy is developed later in life it can range on its cause; from inflammation, alcohol or drug abuse and brain trauma. If you are not an alcoholic or drug user or ever had brain trauma, then you have high amounts of inflammation in your body and inflammation is the number one killer to nerves.

Inflammation eats away the myelin that’s protects the nerve and when that happens it starts misfiring before it dies and leaves a dead are called a lesion.

Pharmaceutical drugs have been fairly successful in stopping the episodes for a short period of time. And then the only other option is brain surgery. Brain surgery is like way drastic measures and very risky since you might come out of it never being the same.

The better and less crazy option is promoting the body to do its own job which is way better at it than any surgeon. There is a way to help the body repair and rejuvenate its nerves and make them better than they was brand new.

This disorder should not be taken lightly people can die from it. It is called SUDEP, sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. It is when normal healthy people just up and die from epilepsy over half of the deaths from epilepsy are from SUDEP.

That is one heck of an eye opener but do not worry because you just found the magic key. You can repair, rebuild damaged or even destroyed nerves so they can pass and receive impulses better than they ever have.

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