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Fight For Your Health And Wellness - Healing Cancer With Nutrition
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You have been feeling tired lately and attributed it to not getting enough rest. When you eat certain foods you feel nauseated and your stomach hurts so bad afterward that you just lay in bed balled up in a fetal position, in total discomfort tossing and turning and the only relief you can get is from a bowl movement that never comes. At the suggestion of family and friends you schedule for a colonoscopy.

You’re on the table and not five minutes into the procedure they immediately tell you to go to the nearest hospital and they will call the hospital in advance for them to prepare for your arrival. So many thoughts are going through your head. At the hospital they run blood test, take x-rays and scans only to confirm your worst fears – you have Cancer, Stage 4 Colon Cancer.

After surgery your surgeon tells you out of concern for your life that you will have chemo to give yourself a 30 percent chance of beating this because cancer was not only found in your colon but it had metastasized and was also in your liver and in 29 lymph nodes which they removed during surgery.

You lay in your hospital bed thinking about your life with so many thoughts and questions which can only be answered in due time going through your head. Questions such as: How long do I left have to live? Can I really beat this disease? Is the chemo treatment they are going to give me really going to work for me? And if not, how many productive years or months do I have left? What is going to be the quality of my life? Will I suffer?

Cancer is not like most diseases, it is devastating and ravages your internal organs – it spreads very quickly through the body having no remorse on the one suffering, even with all the chemo treatments having it go into a remission state, it can and most times does come back with a death vengeance.

These thoughts along with others race through your mind because the statistics on those who survive from cancer is not too promising at all. Death rates due to cancer are staggering. Worldwide, close to 7.5 million people die from cancer each year and in the United States alone approximately 1,600 people die daily from cancer. That totals almost 600,000 thousand people succumbing to cancer per year.

In 2010 statistics were released which stated that 767,000 thousand deaths were avoided from 1990-2006, that’s 47,937 thousand people who survived cancer each year from 1990-2006. May God continue to bless all of the 767,000 thousand that are beating cancer.

But as your laying in your hospital bed you’re not thinking about the small number of people who are winning the war on cancer, your thinking about the 7.5 million people that lose their lives to cancer every year, and if you calculate the deaths due to cancer from 1990-2006, that means 120 million beautiful souls did not make it. Which group am I going to be in, you think to yourself?

Fighting For Your Health and Wellness

Everyone who has cancer fights for their lives on a daily basis. Most people only know of the conventional methods used to fight cancer which are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Those with cancer know that this fight is personal because their very lives are at stake and whatever decision they choose on the method used to fight it must be honored – conventional, alternative or both. Family and friends can provide support by means of their encouragement, love, understanding and time; no one wants or deserves to fight this battle alone.

Medical professionals are now becoming aware that nutrition is a very important factor in helping a person dealing with cancer. The Cancer Treatment Center of America even uses a holistic approach by introducing and/or recommending nutrition and nutritional supplements in their wellness programs.

I had the privilege of assisting a very dear friend of mine who stayed a few days at their establishment and the food choices in the cafeteria which was all healthy, consisted of: vegan foods and soups, vegetarian foods and a juice-bar to provide fresh vegetables for you on the spot.

The medical society is now learning and some even admitting what holistic professionals have known all along; that you can beat cancer with nutrition and I have personally seen it done with nutrition without the use of chemotherapy or radiation and the person had Stage 4 colon cancer.

When we have cancer our bodies are very acidic and what is very important to know is that dis-eases cannot live in alkaline balance body. You will want to use nutrition to help alkalize the body and bring balance, this is no easy task but it can be done.

When fighting for your health and wellness even when using conventional methods you need the proper tools to be successful.

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