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Reiki Your Food
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Reiki Your Food

Your Food Energy

Reiki can be used for a variety of things including:

  • Mental and physical healing for yourself and others
  • Spiritual growth and awareness
  • Distance healing
  • Healing for children and animals
  • And even to clear negative energies from your food!

Most of us are clueless about where our food comes from, and what it goes through before it even reaches our plate. Furthermore, unless you are getting all of your food, everyday from the farm you are managing and running, it is impossible to know what potentially harmful energies were absorbed into it.

What’s In Your Produce

Let’s take produce for instance, who handled the seeds before they were planted in the soil. What mood was this person in…was this person's anger, fear or sadness innocently transferred over to your food. What about the soil….what was the health and balance of the soil your food got planted in. How were your growing fruits and veggies nurtured and cared for, what toxins and harmful energy were they exposed to. Once grown, who shipped it to your local market. How far did your food have to travel to get there, and how old was it by the time it got there. What about the handling and exposure your produce got once it was ready to finally be purchased.

As you can see, these questions can go on and on. The point of this though, is not to bore you or turn you into a paranoid germafobe, but rather to get you present to all your food goes through before it goes into your mouth.

Reiki Your Food

So, doesn’t it make since to do some sort of blessing or energetic clearing for your food….or something! Something that affirms that the food entering your body will be nourishing and positively energizing!

So I am sure that you have heard of the study that tested water’s responses to music, words and thoughts. In the experiment, when loving things were stated into the water, the water molecules formed beautiful patterns. When hateful, angry things were stated into the water, the molecules took on the shapes and patterns of diseased cells!

Well, when I think of this water test, the idea of giving my food a reiki treatment makes even more sense to me. Words, thoughts, affirmations, intentions etc., all carry a certain energetic vibration. Those energetic vibrations impact our health as well as the things we put into our bodies.

How To Reiki Your Food

With that said, my advice to you is….reiki your food. Reiki is a easy tool that everyone can use to discharge any harmful impurities or toxins from it.

An easy way to reiki your food is to ‘air-draw’ the reiki power symbol with your finger over your food and hold your hands over your plate for a couple of seconds allowing the reiki energy to clear any negative energies that my have been absorbed into the food and to increase the energetic goodness in it. In addition to this, if you are preparing meals for others, you can do a reiki treatment while you are preparing it.

Please note, these practices are much more powerful if you are attuned to reiki and have an understanding of the power and intentions behind the reiki symbols themselves. Now-a-days with the increase of online learning opportunities, and the increase in awareness of distance reiki, it is becoming increasingly easy to learn and facilitate reiki for yourself and your food.

Street Talk

Good Morning Lawanda, I am very impressed with your article, and I intend to practice of "air-drawing" the reiki power symbol over my food. Have you written more articles or books? Thank you much for your contribution. Lillian Swanson

  about 9 years ago
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