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The 6 Core Principles Of Alternative Treatments For Lupus
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More and more sufferers of lupus are turning to alternative treatments for lupus. This is because often times the benefits of conventional treatments are offset by harmful side effects that can be as bad or worse than the actual condition itself. Alternatives have come a long way since our ancestors first discovered that certain plants or herbs could be used for healing.

Today it is a refined system that takes into account current medical and biological knowledge of the human body, unknown only a century ago. With this advantage and the additional advances in technology, especially in communication, great progress and awareness in alternative treatments for lupus have been made and one needs to consider this as a viable option to their lupus treatments.

Alternative treatments for lupus encompass a wide realm of techniques, methods, remedies and overall strategies. To better understand the differences between alternative and conventional treatments for lupus we need to know the 6 core principles of alternative treatments.

1. Nature or natural first, technology second.

2. Patient centered and not based on statistics only.

3. Natural, unprocessed, whole products only.

4. Start slowly and do no harm using therapies with the least side effects.

5. Long term lasting results favored over temporary short term ones.

6. A higher standard of health expected, not just getting by.

With our environment in a state of change, and not one for the better, it is widely known that our body's natural functions are inhibited in one way or another. But people in general are ignorant to the severity of the situation or even the fact that something can be done about its impact on one personally. With this ignorance comes all the unwanted consequences and lupus is just one of many.

Conventional medicine is important and has made great strides in the last 25 years but as far as treatments for lupus the situation has pretty much stalled. Prescription drug therapy and invasive surgeries is still the standard treatments including the risks and unwanted side effects. You can understand why alternatives are gaining in popularity. However being under doctors care is still crucial and should not be avoided.

This introduces the concept of "complementary" lupus treatment. Alternative treatments for lupus are used in conjunction with your doctor's care as complementary to conventional treatment. By informing your doctor that you wish to favor natural treatments and receiving his or her cooperation you can still retain the necessary standard medical treatments when needed or unavoidable emergencies arise. Also having a trained professional overlooking matters is a must.

Most doctors will welcome your proactive attitude and be willing to cooperate with your wishes. However some might not. If that is the case with your current doctor find one that feels different. There is a growing trend of doctors who are willing to incorporate alternatives with the conventional methods they have learned.

When it comes to effective Treatments For Lupus, natural alternatives should be included in your options. You shouldn't ignore this, natural lupus treatments have been proven to work. Would you like to know the secrets of a natural breakthrough discovered by a former lupus sufferer? For more detailed information visit my website on natural remedies for lupus.

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