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What Are The Effects Of Abhyanga?
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What Are the Effects Of Abhyanga?

I began doing abhyanga regularly a few months ago. I've come to have a lot of faith in ayurveda because its teachings have really helped me, and it's amazing how different a daily oil massage can make you feel.

What exactly are the effects of abhyanga?

When thinking about health I've pretty much only taken into consideration what we eat and how much we exercise. But in Ayurveda massaging yourself with warm oil every day is one of the keys to staying healthy.

Benefits of abhyanga

  • promotes sleep
  • slows the process of aging
  • detoxifies the body
  • softens the skin
  • lubricates the joints
  • calms the mind
  • promotes self love
  • strengthens the immune system

Personally I have a tendancy to feel nervous, even anxious during the day. I was surprised at how soothing it was to drizzle warm oil onto my scalp, and then the rest of my body. I can feel all that nervous energy leave my system, bringing a sense of being centered.

Abhyanga is also a great way to see where I have tension and pain in my body. Going over my face I can feel tension around my jaw, or across my eyebrows. It's a great way to massage away aches before they get worse and to deepen relaxation.

Taking the time to rub each part of myself with oil also has the effect of loving my body more, as well as all that I am. Such a small thing truly changes the way I feel about myself.

I have a bad knee and the oil seems to help it feel better, and my skin also feels less dry after abhyanga. Even after you shower some of the oil will stay on your skin and act as your lotion, though I still tend to use moisturizer on my face. It's recommended to not use soap on your whole body as this will wash away the oil.

Abhyanga is a practice that I try to do every day, though even a few times a week would be beneficial. I can feel it if I have missed a day. I don't feel as calm and my skin is drier.

The effects of abhyanga are many. It reduces anxiety and brings a sense of being more present in your body. It boosts the immune system, and gives beautiful skin and hair. It also helps you sleep better at night, and gives you an opportunity to be kind and gentle towards yourself.

I truly wish more people knew about the benefits of this ayurvedic morning massage and would give themselves the time to do it. It is such a simple method to stay healthy and to be happier. I hope you will enjoy this practice as much as I do.

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