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What Are Tonsil Stones And How Do You Get Rid Of Them?
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Tonsil stones, what are they, and how do you get rid of them?

Tonsils are something that we are all born with; they take an active role in maintaining our health by producing antibodies, which helps fight off bad germs. Tonsils are composed mainly of lymphoid type tissues, which give them their abilities to hold off infection. Tonsils all have pits and folds, but in some people, these pits and folds are deeper than in others.

In these larger, deeper pits and folds, food particles can accumulate. These are joined by dead skin cells, and mucous. When you add bacteria to the mix, you can have infections start. When these food particles solidify and harden, hard, craggy, stone-like substances can form. These are called Tonsil stones, or throat stones. If you see a Doctor, he will tell you they are called Tonsilloliths.

These stones are quite annoying and uncomfortable. The small ones can and do often dislodge themselves, when eating or coughing, but the larger they grow, the more they stretch out those pits and folds, causing annoying pain and discomfort. They also begin to smell very sulfurous, giving you the worst bad breath imaginable.

How can you manage tonsil stones? Some Doctors don't even know what they are, and will believe you have some sort of infection. They will prescribe antibiotics, but of course these won't work. Those that do know what they are will give you the option of surgery, or learning to "live with them". Getting your tonsils removed as a child is not too big of a deal. Your throat hurts, but you get to eat a lot of ice cream and jello! For an adult, though, it is much more of an ordeal. The recovery time is up to 3 weeks! Who has that much time to take off of life just to keep from being annoyed? So the trick is, to learn not how to "live" with them, but to learn how to "deal" with them.

You can remove the larger ones yourself. Many people try to do this by picking, and squeezing their tonsils with their fingernails. This does work, but it's not very sanitary, and you could easily give yourself an infection that would make you feel even worse. You could easily end up with sore and bleeding tonsils. There are other, more gentle and much more sanitary ways. Try using a Q-Tip to ease out the stones. You can also try a "Water Pic" machine, which uses a jet of pressurized water to loosen the stones, but start at a very low pressure, and increase it slowly until it does the job. If the water pressure is too high, it can damage the tonsil tissue, so be careful.

After removing the stones, the next trick is learning what you can do to keep them from coming back. Since prevention is a far easier road to travel then always being sick and hurting, finding out what you can do to head off these tonsil stones is time well spent.

Managing tonsil stones are a matter of upping your oral hygiene. You need to learn a system that will keep the food particles from making their way into the pits and folds of your tonsils. You also need to learn how to keep what particles that do make it there from becoming infected. It’s not hard, just new to you. Once you learn what to do, it will all be a matter of routine, and you won’t have to worry about dislodging those annoying tonsil stones any more.

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