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What Is Tibetan Reiki
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Tibetan Reiki Origins

Many people believe that the oldest form of reiki is Tibetan Reiki, created by a Tibetan shaman named Wi Chi during the time of Jesus or Buddha and was later rediscovered by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery.

Although people may agree that Tibetan Reiki is the oldest style of reiki, there is not much consensus on weather it actually originated there; there is not much evidence that supports this argument. To this point, Tibetan Reiki Symbols have origins from all over the world including Tibet, South America, Egypt, Lemuria, Atlanta, Hebrew Kabbalah and Peruvian Andes.

Tibetan Reiki Focus

Like other styles of reiki, Tibetan Reiki is an energy healing modality that works with Universal Life Force Energy to bring the body’s energy centers back to perfect balance. In addition to this however, it also uses intuitive information to provide clients with ways to activate their own self-healing abilities. Furthermore, in Tibetan Reiki, there is a strong focus on spiritual awakening and accessing ones physic abilities.

Tibetan Reiki and the 5 Elements

Some methods of teaching Tibetan Reiki include 5 distinct levels of training; each level addressing 1 of the 5 elements as it relates to the initiation of reiki energy, clearing blocks to this energy and healing.

The 5 Elements

  • Earth – the energy that deals with balancing being stable or settled and depression or laziness
  • Fire – the energy the deals with the balance between natural excitement or passion for life and stress
  • Water – deals with going with the flow and harmony of life and being unable to commit or make decisions
  • Metal – the energy that balances focus and being overly critical
  • Wood – the energy that deals with balancing growth or progress and impatience

Tibetan Reiki and Kundalini Energy

Some methods of teach Tibetan Reiki incorporates Kundalini Energy in its healing practices. Kundalini Energy, although sits dormant in most people, exist in all of us and when activated is said to connect and open all the chakras.

Tibetan Reiki Symbols

Depending on the Tibetan Reiki Master you learn from, the symbols being used may vary. Some methods of teaching include 18 symbols and others use as many as 25 different symbols. As mentioned above, these symbols and their names come from all over the world.


Tibetan is said to be one of the oldest styles of reiki going back over 5,000 years. The methods in which it is taught varies depending on who you learn and receive your attunements from. However, what remains unvaried is its purpose which is to facilitate healing to the mind, body and spirit.

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