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What You Can Expect From Discoid Lupus Treatment
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There are several types or categories of lupus. These are based on the symptoms but all have the same root cause. The root cause is autoimmune or in layman's terms, the body attacking itself.

In discoid lupus the skin is attacked and this causes lesions in the affected areas. Although these can be anywhere on the body they are generally found on the face, head and neck and at times the forearms. These are all areas of the body more likely to get exposed to sunlight.

Discoid Lupus Treatment is based on severity of the condition. Topical creams, steroid injections and anti-malarial drugs can be effective. Topical creams containing steroids are most often used because they have the least side effects and are effective in the less serious cases.

If the lesions are particularly stubborn or not responding to the creams then they are sometimes injected with steroids with moderate results. More serious cases are treated with anti-malarial drugs. It is not known exactly why these work but they have been successfully used not only in discoid lupus treatment but also in treatments for the other types of lupus.

A small percentage of discoid lupus patients develop the more serious SLE lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus) in time, and some SLE sufferers will also have discoid lupus. The standard discoid lupus treatments mentioned above can also be supplemented with alternative natural remedies for lupus with good results.

The obvious course however is to reduce limit as much as possible exposure to sunlight. The biggest misconception however is that only direct sunlight needs to be avoided. This is not true. The real culprits are UVA and UVB light. Sunlight contains both but clouds or overcast only block one and not the other. It is important to not only ware protective clothing at all times but also use sunblock that stops both UVA and UVB light. Be sure to check your labels.

As a side note, florescent lighting can also emit these aggravating waves. I personally have had to remove these tubes from my home. My sister in-law had to completely revamp her office at work. Sunlight and lighting are not the only triggers but they are the most common and guarding against them is important.

I have been under doctors care for my lupus for a little over a decade. Although I have SLE I also suffer from discoid lupus. At first I relied totally on my doctors treatments but I have discovered over the years that more can be done to alleviate not only the symptoms but also to modulate the immune system so it is not so disruptive.

Natural Remedies for Lupus are very effective for this but not all natural treatments are created equal and some even need to be avoided since they build the strength of the immune system and this will actually cause more flares in a lupus patient.

The most important thing when undergoing Discoid Lupus Treatment is to be proactive in your health and cooperate with your doctor in this regard. This starts with communication. Let your doctor know your desire to use complementary natural methods and what these are so as to not have any conflicts with his or her treatments. Your doctor will appreciate your involvement.

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