How To Select The Bridal Gowns For Different Body Shapes
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How to Select the Bridal Gowns for Different Body Shapes

1,the curved shape

Wedding should aptly outline your hourglass figure. While any one of the Slim cut clothing can highlight your impressive curve, but fishtail skirts or low-cut halter dress would best let your S lines more prominent.

Choose clothes Tips

1.Using heart collar to show your natural body curves.

2.Select the high-contrast color highlights hidden decorative belt waist.

3.The use of some exaggerated perspective jacquard, the audience's attention toward your most petite body parts.

4.E exaggerated low waist design, decorative objects protruding below the hip-hip line, while increasing more fluid sense.


Low neckline,Empire-style waist (located in the high waist line just below the chest)

2,pear-shaped body

Select the wedding which can cover the buttocks, while projecting natural waistline.For example, wedding dress with Empire style with high waist , or the use of unique design of collar.And a lot of decorative encrusted corset to make other people's attention focused on your waist.

Choose clothes Tips

1.Unique off shoulder style bridal dresses can make people pay more attention to your slender upper body.

2.Use corset dress with a wide swing to highlight your waist.

3.High-waist of Empire style (increased waist to below the chest line) helps stretch the lower body curves.

4.Pleated skirt can be laminated effectively cover the lower body.


Low waist line design, ethereal fabrics next to the skin, tights, fishtail skirt

3,charming small body shape

It is suitable for Tight design modern style.And you should pay special attention to the Length of the wedding wears: if it is too long or too short, it will only make you look more compact. If you feel too tight money freely, you may wish to consider horn or A-shaped wedding gowns.

Choose clothes Tips

1.V neck can make the line of sight a little down, so ignore your short height.

2.Multilayered skirt but not too fluffy, try shrouded light through a layer of lace or chiffon in slim silhouette outside.

3. A V-shaped decorative bodice has an elongated torso effect.

4,The flared skirt can make your body more fullness, wide swing skirt is your best choice.


Multilayer lumbar cushion decor, decorations too, oversized bow or three-dimensional stickers

4,slimline body shape

Full of sense of volume wedding dresses has the silhouette of "lower" height effect. Or you can take advantage of elegant fabrics next to the skin, highlighting the skinny beauty. Skinny cut traditional wedding can make your body a sexy update.

Choose clothes Tips

1 The collar around the neck, collar or ship gemstone collar collar contour lines can make you look stately and beautiful.

2.Silky smooth paste of thin fabrics that best highlights your figure.

3.Waist dress with a clear design allows monotonic increase in stature curve sense.

4,Filled with a sense of weight type A-line wedding dress or skirt perfect balance can be formed long body.


Wear the headdress, high heels, hair too exaggerated


Select a wedding dress can cover waist fat, such as the waist with fine pleats mace or beads, but should choose a large round neck collar or V-shaped collar.

Choose clothes Tips

1.Wide straps can not only balance your body, you can also let you choose loose underwear.

2.Densely pleated waist can make your waist and abdomen look more beautiful.

3.V type licensed good slimming effect.

The stylish laptop style mini dress is your best choice: You can, revealing slender


lead off the rotator cuffï¼ÂŒhigh collar

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