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My Odium Of Chaos
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Hi, I know it's been a hard day and you coincidentally bump over this article. I am honestly thought twice before posting my personal reflection on a heavy-hard-day once I had in the past. I just realize that something I've come up with in the end of this diary entry, has motivated me to see life differently ever since, moreover my point of view about people.

So, maybe it is not a lucky coincidence, but if you like to read my oddly written diary entry, then please go ahead. I hope that, you'll have something to learn in the end. I'm sure, you will.


Last night, I felt challenged to do this. What I called "this" is a kind of thing I never ever did in my life. A kind of pouring forth any blitzing stuff that disturbed my straight-line nerve system, and meanwhile, cast away all barriers that will make it sounds so pathetic.

A while ago, I never think I will do this. But, I decided to. So, now, as you can see... I hope there's really no barriers at all.

First of all, I want to make an argument about the spiritual-ethics of how somone can end-up hating somebody or end-up having a list of personae non grata in their life. Well, I guess, there's no spiritual-ethics anyway. There's only a Divine moral standard, which is the Law. People can make some, by the way, but all flawed, 'cause people tend to put preferences upon something and out of conceit with the other thing.

Meaning to say, this is only my dummy-analysis about things I can't lock up under my own table anymore recently.

Certain conditions can trigger someone to make an evaluation about certain people within their social-web and after several stages of "due-dates", then come up with the bumper-stickers "PNG" or just "PG" (those are acrons) for those certain targets. I'm not saying that it's effective for everybody. But, it's slightly common in surface observation.

Then, come the question: "Can we hate people?" The answer will not straightly goes "Yes" or "No". But, you must undergo some steps of analysis to get into the final decision.

Here is an example, I ever read a piece of good points in writing somewhere, which simply said like this

"Sometimes there are people in life that you thought you cannot be friends with, yet you ended-up having long-lasting free friendship with them. Sometimes there are ones that you thought you can be friends with, and you proved it right, by ended-up having good and enjoyable friendship with them. The other ones, though, are those you thought you can be friends with, yet sadly, when you've tried hard to be as good, then in the end proved being those you should never be friends with. They left you wounded, and never felt sorry."

In spite of any relationship forms people have (you can change yourself the "friendship" context, to any correct term for your own situation), the last one would be the deepest scar one can live with through all his/her life. And then, maybe, at that point you don't think anymore to put those PNG stickers, but automatically labelled 'em as so. Then, I don't think you will just need a day or two to erease those wounds, evenmore at certain situation, maybe, you just can't. Just can't ever erease and let them go freely, without making your heart even more bleeding everytime you see their faces. That's a damn worst moment one can experience!

At that point, I want to picture some observable outcomes with this sarcastic expression: you will volunteerly announced objurgations while you do ROFL! (^_^) But, maybe others decided to do another unique ways.

Daniel Powter expressed it well in his top hit "Bad Day", and I like the way he put it through. One word, artistic. Ludwig van Beethoven had a finest sonata in the world that expressed the same situation very well, "Moonlight Sonata". I can come up with a longer list of those who chosed to take unique ways in coping with their "Odium of Chaos", and some, I admit, were really inspiring.

Back to the root question, "Can we hate people?" My answer will be simple, "It's an auto-respond. So, unavoidably yes, temporarily." Why I choose temporarily? Because if you wanna do it for an uncertain period of time, then you'll get sick of it. Your hatred will digs you up untill you're empty and numb. And you'll ruin your life with your own pitiful action. I don't wanna do that. I like an advertisement saying, "MY LIFE IS MY ADVENTURE." So, why will you end-up going nowhere, but just stay in your soundproof-hatred-room? I called that "a stupidity." My life, a galore of precious grandeurs, is too good to be broken up by those rubbishy fatuous actions of others.

My argument stops there. I never will allow others to put a pity-look on me, instead it will always go vice versa. That's why I don't wanna looks like someone worth of pitiness.

This is not a spirit of animosity, but a spirit to continue living like a saying, "The dog barks, the contingent goes by." umm...seems like it refers to other thing. LOL! Anyway, just like the phrase of dog barking. Hahaha...

Okay, now it's time to draw a conclusion of this messy stuff. I'm enjoying a life as an introvert person -- not merely out'want others to give me advices, yet just really rely on those trusted ones'. I am flexible enough, not scared of strangers to suggest me good stuffs, yet hate those who (I can read people, by the way) pedantically lecturing me, by actions or words. Easily will done away with those empty-headed and empty-hearted ones. But, will just easily let 'em go.... just as the way they came.

In dealing with my odium of chaos, I prefer to make it a relaxing moment. Instead of locking it down inside the deepest chamber in my heart, I'd rather announced an objurgation. I'd like to put it in anothe unique way. I am gonna say thank you to those people who badly injured me and bring me an odium of chaos about them. I am gladly welcomed those inspiring moments, even have to let my heart bleed a little bit, temporarily. But, then, I can celebrate what I got from it! The bad quarters of hours they gave me, will not make me looks pathetic. Therefore, my objurgation will goes like this, "Hey, thank you for making my life so artistic!"

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