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Stress At The Workplace
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Stress at work can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you’re in the customer service area. I’ve never had to deal with customers before, but I do know some people that have and I know it’s no walk in the park. If you love dealing with different types of personalities then I guess it shouldn’t be too bad. I am a customer though, so I do get to see different types of personalities and how people handle themselves and their customers.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the people at like the DMV or the post office are the worst! These people hate their jobs and take it out on everybody! Take your damn stress pills! They have no people skills and don’t like what they do, which really bugs the crap out of me! One day they’ll be nice and then be an ass for the rest of the year! Sorry, that’s just me venting.

Any who, what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t like what you do, then you should consider venturing somewhere else. If you don’t like dealing with people, then I really don’t think the PO is the right place for you. Yes, we all need to make money, but don’t you think you’ll be better off making money at a job that you actually give a shit about? I mean come on, I’m pretty sure no one wants to deal with your shit either, you mean post office people!

Do onto others as you would have done onto you. Is that how that little saying goes? If you work at the post office then I’m sorry if you’re not that type of person. I know not everyone’s the same but there are those select few that you guys know who I’m talking about. Stress in the workplace is everywhere and sometimes you can’t avoid it. I do suggest that you just try to let the BS in one ear and out the other. If you think about it, you’re only making it harder on yourself if you entertain these ass holes, let God deal with them. Better yet, just try to understand them and what other problems that they might be going through. Not everyone lives a fairy tale life you know.

In most businesses, the owner is most likely going to be really friendly because you’re very valuable to them. On the other hand, their employees can be the total opposite. Once the customers start rolling in and it becomes too much, stress in the workplace will occur once again, it’s inevitable. So if you’re one of those people that are getting stressed out from work I do have some tips for you.

Have you ever thought of quitting your job? You probably have but how would you make money right? What if there was another less stress, be your own boss, money making field? If you want to eventually quit your job and make something of yourself, there's always another way. Don't ever think that you have to stick with your current job because you don't. Take a break and relax, you deserve it!

Street Talk

Well written, John. I thought it was only in India that the government agencies are rude! I suggest you upload an image from one of the many royalty free sites. I also couldn't follow your link to your website! Good wishes!

  about 8 years ago

Yeah take stress seriously man because it can really hurt your overall physical health.

  about 1 decade ago
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