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Good Anime Fight Music
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Good Anime Fight Music

One of the best things about action-adventure anime series is their insane fight music. Yeah, good animation is good. But even the most mundane animation can reach a new level with the right music in the background. And if the animation is already good? Forget it. Bliss.

Here's a list of a few anime tracks that I personally heart to the max.

Temple of Prey

Anyone here an Ippo fan? Of course you are. If you aren't, there's the door.

Hajime no Ippo is an anime about boxing. It's protagonist gets into the ring to find out what it means to be strong, only to then get recruited by a genius boxing coach because of his impressive fighting spirit. Seriously, Ippo Makunouchi doesn't go down. His story continues in the manga's 103rd volume (last I check) and an upcoming third season.

Across the anime's two series are some of the best tracks around. Temple of Prey is the theme song to Lollapalooza, the rematch between rookie kings Ippo and Sendou Takeshi, which is undoubtedly the best match of the anime to date. No, it's not because Ippo springs out of the corner with a surprise Dempsey Roll and hands Sendou his pride on a silver platter. It's not because Sendou gets his ribs broken late in the match but keeps battering away like the champ he is. It's not because of that awesome ending combo Ippo did which someone made into a gif that I saw back in high school before even watching Ippo and wet my pants over. No, it's none of those reasons that made that match memorable.


Burn My Dread - Last Battle

No, Persona 3 is not an anime.

Yes, it is supposed to play like one.

Yes, its soundtrack is boss.

No, I don't have a point. Just wanted to say that about the soundtrack.

Anyway, I was looking for some beatdown music for a demo vid of a Mugen character I was customizing, and guess what I found? A killer track from Persona 3 -- the remix to "Burn My Dread", in fact. I'm guessing it's some last boss music type stuff because it OWNS.

I think the lyrics go something like:

"You've got blood all over / ash all over

Spit it out son / Game's over"

I was like...oh my. That's a tad too epic for this precious dearly little demo of mine.

...Meaning I chose another song for the demo. :P


Just About Every Fight Track In Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is the greatest and most uberest piece of super fantastic ever to get down all up in this, in all of forever -- ever -- and I truly and sincerely mean that.

Aside from the whole planet-sized mecha going HAM on each other thing, the soundtrack is completely aces, and you'd have to be a debilitated Slowbro to not realize it. I offer a few threads of proof in my list of good anime fight music.

Super Ninja Fighting Music

In the words of the Youtubers:

"maybe they're just saving it for the most absolutely godly part of the series you have ever seen because this song is better than Jesus riding a veloceraptor and carrying a bazooka while high-fiving Chuck Norris"

Sometimes that's how I feel listening to tracks from Naruto -- especially Naruto Shippuden.

Sometimes that's how I feel in general.

Probably the biggest thing that surprised me about Naruto was the soundtrack. I mean, yeah, ninjas are cool. But electric guitar riffs behind sumo wrestlers going at it to some drums and a shamisen? Yoh~.

Brb high-fiving Chuck Norris.

And the list goes on...

Youtube has vids for all the above tracks, and I've compiled a list of them for easier browsing. Actually, I probably haven't scratched the surface here. Look forward to another list!

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