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Exposing Lies And Intolerance; Dostoyevsky's Echo
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Exposing Lies And Intolerance; Dostoyevsky\'s Echo

If one has a suitable higher power; a god, a moral principle, a scientific formulae or a spiritual influencer; call it what you will – then for that individual, life means something that it does not mean to those who have no higher power; god, moral principle, scientific formulae or spiritual influencer. There is simply something about believing in something that makes life mean something.

For a start, it gives us guidance in all but the most traumatic of circumstances – but even then, a daily practice of the laws emanating from this personal-lighthouse, usually results in a far faster directional-adjustment than those without a personal-lighthouse might be capable of.

I suppose it offers a consistency of approach, a reference point that ensures that we are never truly lost, even if we feel hopelessly lost. Who knows, it may well be this personal-lighthouse that prevents the darkness of one person’s life over-powering them, whereas another person’s darkness might simply result in a clearer sight of their lighthouses; allowing them to reach safe harbour.

Now none of what has been written is new. Dostoyevsky for example has long been associated with the theory that in a godless world, we can do anything – for who would punish us in the end? I think what Dostoyevsky was alluding to was the same thing I am – that without a primary principle of some kind; a fixed point of direction in a chaotic situation, then we simply become the chaos – killing as swiftly as saving, stealing as fast as gifting – warring as fast as dialoguing.

Without this primary principle, murder and saving become of equal value – for there is no primary division of the two. There is merely a strange permissibility of both depending on the mind in which the principle rests.

So what would such a principle be – should it be born from science, religion, politics, philosophy, business or mathematics? Should it be left to chance – morality by lottery for example? – Who knows? There seems to be a mish-mash of all these abound in the world, so perhaps it is not so much to science, religion, politics, philosophy, business or mathematics we should turn, but to something beyond these; a meta-principle of conduct if you like.

And what would this meta-principle be? I suggest a partnership of honesty and tolerance. One which might merely be written as: When amid chaos; be honest, be tolerant.

Sadly in today’s world where politics, science, religion and humanity seem to clash on a daily basis – it would seem that dishonesty and intolerance prevail. Rarely is truth and compassion central to foreign and domestic policy. Examples of lies and brutality are all around us – and no government is immune. Per

haps Dostoyevsky felt as I do – that without honesty and tolerance (as good a description of god as any) then in a godless (dishonest and intolerant) world, we can do anything – for who would punish us in the end?

Where are the honest and the tolerant when we need them most? Being lied to and not tolerated?

If so then we ought to pay more attention to those who claim that lies and intolerance are being perpetrated upon them. It might well the paradox that truth and tolerance lay beyond the lies and intolerance.

Perhaps we ought not to search for truth and tolerance - but expose lies and intolerance.

Street Talk

I am going to make it a point to read all of your articles. I am not a bible thumper (although I have no problem with those that are), however, I do try and pull out stories or teachings from the Old Testament (I am Jewish) to help define concepts that are hard to express. ....In the beginning, when G-d (or The Life Force of the Universe) began to create heaven and earth, the earth being unformed and void.... I am using this Biblical excerpt just to bring your idea a little deeper for the sake of exploration. The Life Force of the Universe created from chaos - an unformed void. We were made in the image of our Creator. We don't understand what that means, but maybe, we have the same challenge as our Creator did in the beginning - to create order from chaos. Lies create chaos as you have illustrated. The order will come when they are exposed and obliterated!!!

  about 8 years ago

I hope all of my articles give you something. I am humbled - my website thepowerlesspath contains daily updates if you wish to peruse - I will certainly peruse yours. David

  about 8 years ago
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