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Is It Safe To Date Online?
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Is It Safe To Date Online?

No! And Yes! The fact is that the online dating sites more and more prevalent and people are increasingly interested in this behavior. Internet dating proved far more successful in finding long term love for thousands of people than previously thought.

The problem of the internet is that it is an invisible world which means all information about a person that he/she may give us can not be 100% trusted. Even when we've managed to invite him/her to meet offline, there are things that they may still hide from us, which may be, we can't accept those things if we know them.

Or, if we are the girls, the risk of doing an online date is higher. There are many things to consider, for example whether the person we are dating with is seriously looking for true love and an everlasting love, or are they just one of among those so many short time lovers. And further, lest we become victims of crime which of course we can not forecast from the beginning. And many others.

So how to date online safely?

When we join an online dating site, there are several things we should notice in order to have a safe date. Most importantly, make sure that we avoid providing too detailed information. We could even mention our name with alias, with just a name that is close to our real name, unless the online dating site that we follow, for example, have a specific policy on naming. But generally they do not mind the use of 'alias name'.

Then also make sure our photos do not depict anything else except ourselves. Not family photos where the whole family was there. Or the photos in front of our home that clearly depict the picture of our house. It is important to avoid the possibilities of people who will use our home location information for malicious intent.

Last but not least we should provide the honest information. Just as we had hoped to get the honest information of our prospective partner, such as our age, our job, or even our hobbies. Including perhaps one thing that is also important for some people, whether we smoke or not. Therefore before we go any further, make sure that we are dealing with people who do not manipulate information about themselves, such as their age, or their work just to attract our attention.

That is important, because how do we expect to find someone to be our true love, who will love us whatever and however we are, if they are unable to accept themselves, for whatever reason, by means of lying to their prospective spouse. Any girl, if we are a girl, would prefer if her partner is a confident, full of confidence about the future that they will share with us instead of the ones who can only complain about theirselves, let alone a man with no belief at all about the future.

For that we may need to test the honesty of a person by calling him/her at several different times. People who are honest and seriously looking for life partners will not mind we do that. At certain times it is acceptable if they, for example, say that they're busy. But if every time they give the same reasons, then we should consider to start looking for the next best 'guy' or 'girl'. Because why would we spend our time on people who are not / have not been serious with us.

Believe me, if we have ever failed in searching, or even we have ever failed in the relationship, and we come to the conclusion that all gils or all guys are the same, believe me there will always be someone WHO makes the difference. The best guy or girl sent by God to love us.

Finally, we must be conscious and aware that the internet is a dangerous place for people with 'too big expectations' and virtually there is no special way to tell if someone is honest or not. The only way is to lower our expectations and give ourselves some time. Be patient! All we need is a process to eventually find our love. Our 'true love'!

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