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Oprah Winfrey Show Ends
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The most phenomenal talk show host for the past twenty five years has been Oprah Winfrey. Her educational, thought provoking, inspiring, and uplifting shows were anticipated and viewed by over 42 million people in about 150 countries world wide. But, like everything else, one has to say farewell to her show and congratulations to Oprah for using her wonderful gifted talent to prove to the world that the sky is the limit, and anyone can dream big dreams and by God's grace achieve them. Indeed, Oprah has been a real mentor for thousands of people, especially women around the globe. Although her shows would not be seen on a daily basis anymore, her rich legacy will linger with us fo many, many decades to come.

During the past two decades and a half Oprah has gained millions of fans, as well as, those who would be always critical to everybody. Oprah's humble beginning, as a poor African American girl from the Mississippi, is like moving from being totally unknown and insignificant to be ranking among one of the most outstanding women today. She never allowed her ethnic background to prevent her from serving the poor, the middle class, the white, and the everybody.

The first show for Oprah was done backed in 1986, and did it blossom? Yes, beyond one's expectation Oprah's influence has reached distant places. The discussions on her daily show were abou issues that affect the lives of real men, women, and children. Oprah, like a mother for all, helped to change many lives for the better. Many who were wallowing in despair and hopelessness, she inspired hope. Some with apparent insurmontable problems, Oprah found solutions. She has donated millions of dollars to charity in her own country and many countries world wide. She has built schools, helped abused children, provided funds to educate needy children, and found jobs for many jobless persons. She is really a philantropist. Many of the present talk show hosts have been mentored by her, and have become success stories. Without her approval and support many politicians, , and others of varying backgrounds, would not be riding on thier financial pinacle today.

November20, 2009, Oprah tearfully made the unexpected announcement that the Oprah Winfrey Show will end on September, 2011. She lived up to her decision.

Without pomp and fanfare Oprah Winfrey bade farewell to her show on Wednesday, May 25th,2011. It was a simple departure where she gave praise and thanks to God and her fans for her success. She has urged people to continue to be in contact with her on her cable network, Own, named after her, where she hopes to continue to pursue her dreams. This is the close of one of the remarkable chapters in the life of an ambitious woman, who had an abusive past, poor upbringing and one whose life is worthy of emulation.

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