Railways & The Criminal Conspiracy Machine Forward!
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Railways & The Criminal Conspiracy Machine Forward!

If we as Canadians are not aware of how truly insidious, agenda driven, how the obvious conspiracy machine corporations such as the railways have become, then we as a society are hopelessly lost. I have lived a good portion of my life in two railway towns, and one of them was a small town for a period of 5 years. I have become very acquainted as to how the rail road companies run things. This is the subject of much anger and contention to many Canadians, including myself.

I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and as most of the world is aware, we have just begun to recover from a flood that has ravaged much of southern Alberta. While the city was recovering from a one of the worst floods Canada has seen, a CP Rail bridge had collapsed while a train was on it carrying petroleum product.

The Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi was rightfully upset pointing out some obvious flaws with how the railways are ran, and have virtually no oversight,

"I may get in trouble for saying this, let me be blunt; A lot of people lost their jobs at CP Rail in the past year. How many bridge inspectors were let go?"

Mayor Nenshi was right to ask this. I have two coffee buddies back in the town where I used to reside. I am being vague because I do not have permission to use their names and I do not want to jepordize their chances for future employment. Both my buddies are engineers. One is a structural engineer and the other is an electrical engineer. They both got severance packages and have lost their jobs with CP Rail.

One thing that both guys have related to me is there is an incredible amount of pressure to push things through even if it is not safe to do so. These orders come from the top, and if an engineer doesn't tow the line that the upper management at the top wants, they will be replaced with an engineer who will sign off on it. That is just my own personal knowledge in regard to Railway politics. Now for some facts...

Fact; CP Rail admits that they only inspected the top of the bridge, and had no dive team look at the bottom of the bridge and it's foundation. Another ominous fact is that the bridge was not built into the bedrock like the municipal bridges are in Calgary. They had the engineers give the OK for the bridge despite not undergoing a full inspection. The reason for this? CP Rail issued a statement saying the tracks appeared straight on top. Therefore there was no reason to think there would be a structural problem underneath. Of course that sounds perfectly reasonable...

CEO of CP Rail Hunter Harrison is quoted in the media saying, "We didn't anticipate a problem like this occurring at all. And how long it was going to be? We are jeopardizing commerce as it speaks."

Interesting to note, CP Rail has had 3 derailments within a 3 month period of the Calgary derailment. The CEO did acknowledge those incidents but said that the Calgary derailment was, 'highly, highly, highly, unusual."

So there you have, what CP Rail really thinks as a corporate entity. The bottom line is commerce/profit.

Interesting to note, Railway Companies are exempt from adhering to the laws that other industries must. They do not have to follow provincial or municipal regulations. They do all their own audits, (Health and Safety, Financial, & Operations) and keep their own records of such audits and inspections. Transport Canada and the Federal Government can request them though. According to NDP Transport Critic Olivia Chow there are a number of disturbing revelations about the Railway industry:

-Railway companies do their own inspections and keep their own safety records. (Which is something Olivia Chow MP vehemently disagrees with.)

-Railways are required to have a structural engineer to restrict traffic if a bridge is not sound. This engineer is paid by the railway company and may have a bias opinion as his or her paycheck is issued by the company.

-In 2008, 2 separate advisory panels made 70 recommendations to improve railway safety.

-A House of Commons standing committee has expressed serious concerns of the Railways existing SMS or Safety Management System. The committee made several recommendations and legislation was passed.

Both the Mayor Nenshi and Olivia Chow MP, Transport Critic have expressed concerns and frustration with Railways being exempt from the laws that govern everyone else.

Mayor Nenshi raises a good point about the externalizing machine the Railways have become, "How is it that we don't have regulatory authority over this, but it's my guys down there risking their lives to fix this?"

Now we should take a brief look at CN Rail, which was a Crown Corporation, and is now owned primarily by American private share holders. Interestingly enough, this corporation has Bill Gates (Microsoft Co-Founder) as it's largest share holder, and according to Macleans News Magazine, it is around 10% or $3.2 Billion stake.

Here is an interesting tid bit; CN has it's own Police Force with a jurisdiction just about as vast as the RCMP's. The CN Police are a real Police force, real Peace Officers, and have jurisdiction in the United States as well as Canada. Unlike INTERPOL, the CN Police take directive from the Railway, while INTERPOL facilitates intergovernmental policing and sharing of information. Oddly enough, both Police forces were founded in 1923. Where am I going with this information? Both are International Police Forces. Both the US and Canada give CN the power to over see themselves, police themselves, and if need be, the rest of us.

So a private corporation has it's own police force on both sides of the border, US and Canada. Does that sound right to you?

So if that doesn't make you mad, try this; CN Rail (or just CN) has sued a mother who just lost her child due to a fatal collision with a Via Rail train. (Via Rail is a subsidiary of CN.) Sharon Jobson was served with suit just slightly before the second anniversary. of her son's death.

The reason for this untimely law suit is that Sharon Jobson is the executor of her son's estate. According to Ontario Provincial Law, a law suit of this nature must be filed within 2 years of the deceased's death. John Jobson was 22 years old at the time of his death. His pick-up truck collided with a Via Rail passenger train.

Here is some interesting facts about this railway crossing where John Jobson was killed:

-There has been a previous death there 13 years earlier. Gloyde Mills was killed there in 1998.

-The transportation Safety Board found that John Jobson had indeed not stopped at the crossing. However, structures/buildings along the track, along with vegetation, and poor signage made it difficult for both John Jobson and the train engineer/operator to notice each other well enough in advance to stop.

-Pictures of the stop sign at the time of the accident (and I would post it if I had permission) show the stop sign fairly close to the ground. Dust while driving or grass would likely obscure the stop sign.

-The transportation safety board made a recommendation to have the train that hit John Jobson upgraded with a better horn.

-The CN law suit alledges that John Jobson is totally responsible for the collision, and that his mother must answer for it as his legal representative.

-This grieving mom had lobbied and petitioned to have this crossing fitted with lights, bells, and gate. Along with other double track crossings in the area. Transport Canada, CN, and Southwest Middlesex approved and budgetted $400,000 for safety improvements this year. The township is expecting to install the equipment within days.

It certainly begs the question; is the railway seeking retribution for Sharon Jobson making waves about safety for the railway, which bottom line costs money?

Let's talk about something a bit more darker yet; Maine Montreal and Atlantic Rail. In case you haven't heard, the Canadian Town of Lac Megantic, it was close to completely annihilated by a train carrying dangerous chemicals (petroleum products mostly). At the time of me writing this article, CBC and CTV report the amount of people dead to 28, while others are still missing in the rubble. Police have just recently said that the missing are more than likely dead. The death toll is suspected is close to 50 people.

Several agencies have launched a criminal investigation into the derailment including Transport Canada, and the SQ (In English, Security Quebec). The bottom line is this; no good will come from the criminal investigation as any Canadian who watched Transport Canada's press conference saw that no real questions were answered.

Answers were vague at best. The reason being for the vagueness from Transport Canada (meaning the Federal Government) is that should the government start asking hard questions as to how and why this explosion that killed so many people happened in the first place, the government would have to admit culpability in the matter. At most, CEO of Rail World Inc. Edward Burkhardt will get his way and have the Engineer of the train, 'thrown under the train for this' as he is quoted saying about the engineer, "he failed to set the brakes in the first place."

Of course the cause of the accident did not happen because transporting dangerous goods through a populated area to begin with (because even Semi-Trucks have a Dangerous Goods Route) is a bad idea; or because the train was badly under staffed; or little to no safety protocols were followed.

One must remember the most basic root cause of this problem, and I submit it is that the government lets railroad companies oversee themselves, and they do not have to answer to anyone. They do what they want, how they want, and when they want. Just ask Mayor Nenshi of Calgary who had to wait hours for a response back from CP Rail despite a life threatening, environmental disaster that could have happened.

Transport Canada admits it failed to deliver on it's promises to improve oversight in the wake of a scathing audit. The audit was about industry compliance of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

And as history has shown with other derailments in Canada, this type of Corporation can even kill people through Criminal Neglect, and do it with impunity. So there lies the conspiracy that is obvious as it is profane to everything that is Canadian. The railroad companies do these horrible things, because the Federal Government allows it. No transparency, no oversight, no consequence.

Let us examine some hard facts and take a look at what Edward Burkhardt CEO of Rail World Inc. (that owns Montreal, Maine, & Atlantic) has in store for the future. The ideas and thoughts he expresses should give a glimpse of what the Railroad Companies have in mind for the future and for the rest of us as Canadians.

Edward Burkhardt says that with regard to the tragedy and explosion in Lac Megantic, that he would like to see some changes in rules to prevent a tragedy like Lac Megantic from happening again. But would still like to see trains still allowed to operate with just a single crew member. Currently there are only 2 railway companies in Canada allowed to operate with only one crew member.

An interesting and ominous warning to all of us from Edward Burkhardt, "For the future, me and the rest of the industry will be leaving these trains unmanned."

That should make all of us near a railway sleep a bit better at night. As for the author of this article, I am voting for the party who is going to put an end to all this 'Run away Railway Industry.'

Andrew Hoard

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