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Anti Aging Nutritional Benefits
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Aging is something that cannot be avoided but if we eat the right type of foods, its process could be slowed down. There is, therefore, the urgent need to eat food that will give us good health and prolong our lives.

Drinking water is good for the body system. Water is the force of life. Dehydration in the body causes, headache, lack of energy, tiredness, etc. By drinking enough water all the problems will be taken care of. If someone is dehydrated and the body cells and tissues do not have sufficient water to function, the aging process will definitely increase. Drink water regularly without being thirsty for the overall health of the body.

Be watchful of your eating habit. By eating heavy meal in the afternoon or evening after taking light breakfast will make you increase in weight, and once this happens, the process of aging equally increases. In order to increase your rate of metabolism to get rid of excess fat that will make you fat, it is better you eat small meals at regular interval say of 4 hours. Do not allow the rate of metabolism to slow down and when it does you have more fats and weight. This is not good for the aging process. Try as much as possible to change your eating habits for a better healthier living.

The level of fat intake in your body is very important. Reduce the fat intake into your body. Foods that are high in fat when taken accumulate fats in you and this leads to increased weight. Do not take any food that have more than 30% fat content.

Butter fat, oils, margarine, etc are all fats and be avoided. Avoid fried foods-full of oils, fat and calories.

Avoid also creams that are high in fat, and also processed foods such as cakes and cookies.

Instead consume fresh foods, vegetables and wheat grains. Let processed foods only complement a diet in all these. Fat is definitely good for the body, what really is not good for the body about fat is the accumulation of what is not needed by our bodies that makes us obese and cause health hazards for us. Unsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds, vegetable oils etc are good for the body. Saturated fats are found in animal products and they cause health hazards such as heart disease. Coconut or palm oils even though are vegetable oils, yet they have a large amount of saturated fat.

There is the need to reduce sugar and salt intake. By regulating this intake, hypertension and adult prone diabetes will be reduced. You can completely do away with salt because most of the food consumed have salt in them and we can do good with salt free spices in place of salt such as pepper.

Concerning sugar, only consume products with less than 100 of the carbohydrate content. Avoid cakes, cookies and ice cream. They contain a lot of sugar that is not good for the body. Try as much as possible to detox at least once a week. Pollution, stress, bad eating habits affect the healthy functioning of the body. This leads to headache, liver problem, cancers etc. By detoxing we reduce or stop overloading the body with harmful substances. Detoxing also gives the body plenty of nutrients useful for its function optimally. This speeds up the elimination of toxins and promotes cell renewal. The body needs antioxidants. Vitamins A, C and E together with selenium are antioxidants that promote the body from infections but also help us from aging rapidly.

Smoking and alcohol intake also be avoided. Minimum consumption of processed foods etc. is needed to aid the process of not aging rapidly and extend your life.

Do you want to arrest the aging process? It is necessary to do so.

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