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Anti Aging : Prevention Begins Now
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Anti Aging : Prevention Begins Now

Aging is inevitable but a lot of people grow old before their time because of the choices they make in their everyday life and of course environmental factors. We might not be able to do much about the later but we owe it to ourselves and loved ones to make a concerted effort regarding the former

This article is concerned with making the right choices today to combat or slow down the aging process. It is time to start making extra effort to keep those wrinkles at bay. We need to learn to clean up the junk in our body on a regular basis, choose food items that aid wellbeing and add routine exercises to our daily activities. We will surely roll back the years if we can manage to change our lifestyle choices for the better. Our focus should not just be on using products that claim to cure but should also be on prevention. Below is a list of important elements that make a big impact on our aging process and timing, it is important that we take note of them

Right Food - Start eating right today, there are particular food items that have been determined to impact greatly on the aging process. They include fish, berries, healthy greens, olive oil, tomatoes, green tea, nuts, herbs and spices

Antioxidants - It is imperative that free radicals in the body be eliminated, vitamins C and E are known to be the best antioxidants out there. The trick is to ensure that we follow the reccommended daily value, they can also be taken as supplements

Sleep - Sleep is very essential but somewhat underrated because of the very busy lifestyle a lot of people lead. The amount of sleep one needs depends largely on age, for adults, the average is 8 hours. The reality is that most of us don't or can't afford to get enough. The body needs its rest to recover, don't subject it to unnecessary wear and tear

Stress - I cannot stress this enough, no matter how taxing your everyday life is, find something you like doing to calm you down and combat the upset. It could be a hobby or a craft, take time off for holidays etc. I believe that stress is the shortest route to aging and the almighty wrinkles, it affects everything that can slow down aging in a negative way because it mainly attacks the mind

Exercise - Incorporate regular exercises into daily activities. It helps blood circulation, makes you feel and look younger. Exercises do great things for the mind and helps combat stress. The human mind is very powerful, remember the saying, you are as young as you feel?

Anti-Aging Products - There are numerous products out there for combating aging and every year, dozens more are introduced. It is important to note that most of these products contain chemicals manufactured in a lab because they are cheaper hence the finished products are more affordable. There are also a lot of studies out there about some of these chemicals being dangerous to the body. It might be a good idea to go for an all natural product or better yet do an extensive research on any choice that you make.

Remember that the best wrinkles are the ones that never appear. This is the information age, take advantage of it and familiarize yourself with informed ideas about the prevention of wrinkles and the slowing down of the aging process. Take better care of your body in and out and watch the years begin to drop off

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Thanks for sharing this informative article Cynthia. I enjoyed reading it and thought it was really engaging. You may wish to know that the lnk 'prevention of wrinkles' leads to a page that says the following: This blog is open to invited readers only It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think that this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation. Cheers Craig Dean Body Sculpting Clinics

  about 5 years ago

Nurturing yourself does indeed help you age more gracefully.

  about 6 years ago
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