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Are You Looking For The Fountain Of Youth?
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Hey baby boomers, are you looking for the fountain of youth? Well maybe we can’t stop the aging process but we can bring back the vitality we had when we were younger. Introducing ageLOC Vitality supplement from Nu Skin. ageLOC is a product that has 25 years of testing with proven results to work. We all have busy lives. Maybe we work 2 jobs, are a single parent or a housewife with so mush to do and not enough energy to keep up. So what do we do? Some of us take an energy drink, have an afternoon snack or a cup of coffee to boost our energy. Well with ageLOC Vitality you won't need any of that.

What is ageLOC Vitality?

ageLOC Vitality is not a quick boost of energy supplement. It is a supplement that starts at the baseline of the energy loss. As we grow older our bodies change and there is a decline in our ability to produce the vitality we use to have. ageLOC promotes healthy gene activity and makes us feel the energy we had when we were young.

What are the primary benefits of ageLOC Vitality?

There are 3 areas that ageLOC affects. First it helps the physical energy that you don't have. You will see within a short time you have more energy to get through the day. The second is your mental acuity. With our busy lives we may not always have the abilty to think through our problems. ageLOC helps with that. The third is sexual desire. As we have know our bodies change and the desire in sex diminishes in some of us. ageLOC restores that desire.

The Main Ingredient The main ingredient in ageLOC Vitality is Cordyceps. I first heard about this ingredient and its use in China 15 years ago. It is not well publicized, but the Chinese Olympic Swimming team was shattering world endurance records, seven of them, just prior to the Sydney Olympic Games. Accusations that they were "doping" were abundant. Although the OAC could never prove drug use, they were banned from participating in the Olympics. The Chinese Olympic Team coach confided to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, that the team's amazing performance results were due to Cordyceps.

Substantiated Claims with Scientific Evidence Over the past four years ageLOC Vitality was tested and proven in double blind studies involving animals and humans at Stanford and UCLA to revitalize and restore "genetic expression." In other words, the product was PROVEN to change old, deteriorating gene markers--in the 40 known genes responsible for youthfulness functions in the body--and restore 92% of them to normal function. I've seen the slides that were part of the research, showing what gene markers look like in a young person compared to an old person, then how the product rejuvenated the old markers to a 92% youthful appearance and function. This process took just six weeks! This evidence is indisputable: that we can now change how genes express, how we can influence markers with nutrition...that we can change the aging process. It is a total paradigm shift!

The Mouse Video. This video was filmed 11 months ago. Both mice were genetically identical and of the same age. The mouse on the left died one month after the filming...from cardiac arrest. It was three years old, approximately 100 human years (a normal lifetime for mice). Noteworthy is the fact that the mouse on the left lost its vitality (Its...reproductive capabilities) a year earlier (2 yrs old). The mouse on the right, however, is still alive (4 years old) with full activity and sexual functionality, just as it was depicted in the video.

I am amazed at the way it works and the amount of energy I have. I am so impressed that I became a distributor for the product.I may have not found the Fountain Of Youth but it sure feels like it.

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