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Best Thing For Wrinkles | Organic Wrinkle Cream
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Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is important if you are trying to prevent and/or eliminate wrinkles. Is an organic wrinkle cream better at accomplishing this than other face creams?

With all of the many facial creams on the market today, it is popular to choose "all natural" or "organic" brands. What is the difference between "all natural" and "organic?" Are these products more effective than regular over-the-counter varieties?

Organic is defined as that which uses chemical compounds that only exist in or are derived from plants or animals, and compounds of carbon. It also pertains to items that are produced using fertilizers or pesticides of animal or vegetable origin versus manufactured chemicals.

There are so many products indicating on the label that they contain "all natural" ingredients. Do not be misled by the labels. Because there really is not any regulation by the FDA in regard to labeling a product as "natural" or "all natural," these terms are used a lot. If you look closely at the label, you may discover that a product labeled as "natural" still contains synthetic or other chemical additives.

If a product is labeled as organic, it can be one of three varieties.

100% Organic. With the exception of salt and water, a product with this label must be created using only organic materials, and contain only organically-produced ingredients

USDA Organic. This term describes only products that have at least 95% organically-produced ingredients. Once certified, these items may legally display a USDA seal.

Made with Organic Ingredients. These types of products must prove to contain at least 70% organically-produced ingredients. For labeling purposes, at least three organic ingredients must be named. These products are not entitled to display the USDA seal.

The goal of organic products is to eliminate harmful chemicals and preservatives, as these substances may contain toxins that can irritate the skin, add a coating on the skin or seriously block pores. Some of the toxic additives include paraben, paraffin, lauryl (sodium/sulfate) and fragrances.

Organic or mostly organic products are very good, especially if you have sensitive skin. They certainly contain less ingredients that can irritate skin and cause breakouts or other distress to the skin. Organic products do not contain harsh chemicals and are therefore more gentle and easier on your skin. Start reading the ingredient labels on skin care products, especially those for your face.

Another good indicator of a true organic product is the fact that it is "green" in terms of no animal testing and using recycled or biodegradable packaging. Note that you can also purchase certified vegan products, which are not made with nor do they contain any animal products.

Other things to look for in a good organic wrinkle cream is a proper pH balance, plenty of skin-healthy vitamins (such as A or C) and antioxidants.

These are some tips to guide you in the right direction while selecting an organic wrinkle cream. Remember the most crucial time to use a face cream is during the night while your body is at rest and rejuvenating itself naturally.

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