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How To Get Rid Of Age Spots And Have Even - Toned Skin Using Natural Ingredients
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Looking for a safe and effective way to be age spots free? If yes, then you are on the right page. Although age spots occur as we get older, it is not really caused by aging. The main cause of these unsightly brown spots is simply, over exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Yes, I know you like basking in the sun - who doesn't? Apart from he tanning effect of the sun, it is also helps us get the all important vitamin D.

However, as with most things in life, prolonged stay under the sun also has its down sides - it leads to sun burns and the over production of skin pigment called melanin. The excess melanin accumulates over the years to form dark brown spots that we call age spots, liver spots or sun spots. Worse still too much exposure to the sun could also cause skin cancer. So moderation is the name of the game - limit the amount of time you stay under the sun and avoid going out when the intensity is too high. Remember prevention is better than cure.

There are several ways to get rid of age spots - these include dermabrasion, micro-dermabrasion, skin peel and laser resurfacing. All these methods are done by certified profession. Although they may be effective at removing age spots, they have ugly side effects; they cause redness and makes the skin more sensitive to the sun, which can in turn lead to more sun damage.

How to Get Rid of Age Spots Naturally

The good news is that there are other safer and more effective ways to get rid of age spots - this involves the use of a natural skin whitening cream. It is important t note there are so many skin lightening creams on the market today that contain chemicals that are harsh on the skin - you should endeavor to avoid such creams. Some of the ingredients that you should always stay away from are mercury and hydroquinon. Studies suggest that mercury could led to kidney and liver problems. Hydroquinon on the other hand has been found to be carcinogenic.

You should rather look for a whitening cream that contains all natural ingredients - I discovered one unique natural skin lightening ingredient called Extrapone Nutgrass - this ingredient does not only remove age spots, it also prevents the formation of new ones - this is because it inhibits the production of melanin.

Another interesting thing about Extrapone Nutgrass is that, quite unlike most other whitening agents that cause skin irritation, this one actually prevents irritation because it is primarily an anti-irritant. It also has anti-aging effects; so using a skin lightening cream that contains Extrapone Nutgrass will not only fade age spots but also help to remove visible signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines and make your skin look even-toned, flawless, younger and beautiful.

Bottom line is, age spots are unsightly but you don't have to live with them - you can actually send them packing. You also do not have to go for any invasive or risky procedure in order to get rid of age spots - just look for a cream that contains an effective natural whitening agent like Extrapone Nutgrass and you will get the desired result.

One word of advice though, natural age spots removal creams do not work overnight, you need to use them consistently for a few months in order to get result. However, they are safe to use and do not have any negative side effect on the skin nor to your health.

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Age spots , early wrinkles, uneven skin are the result of over exposure of your skin to the sun . So choose a good anti aging cream that provides you the benefits of both sunscreen and anti aging. skin expert: lifecellskinus

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