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How To Stop Aging By Dropping Acid
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Now that I have your attention, the "acid" referred to here is the pH level of acid in your body. When pH levels of acid are too high, you will experience all kinds of problems that will accelerate the effects of aging on the body.

For the body to function properly, you need both acid and alkaline. The secret is to keep these levels balanced. It is easier to have higher levels of acid in your body, which is why it is imperative to counteract it with an alkaline-rich diet and/or supplement program.

The levels of pH are measured in not only the body, but in everything from shampoo to cleaning products to food.

Anything that is high in acid, much like the name indicates, is harsh and powerful. Acid has corrosive properties that if left too long, will begin to erode whatever is in its path. Strong acids are harder to eliminate from the body because they need more alkaline to be broken down, or neutralized.

The direct opposite of acid, alkaline, is what helps us to neutralize acid in the body.

Alkaline is gentle and does not have corrosive properties. Alkaline levels need to be increased to counteract the harmful effects or acid, and to eliminate it from the body.

If you are not sure whether or not you have unbalanced pH levels, some indications may be -

  • Fatigue
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Frequent heartburn
  • Painful joints
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Struggle with losing weight
  • Frequency of colds and other respiratory problems

Of course, these symptoms may be caused by many other factors. However, if you have some of these chronic issues, it could not hurt to check your pH levels by using a test strip and ruling it out.

There are ways to help achieve a proper balance, or drop acid levels, in your body.

One way is to drink more water. Since your body is made up of mostly water, and acid works with water to release hydrogen from the ions in your body, drinking more water will help flush out the excess acid and toxins as they accumulate.

Changing your diet to decrease or eliminate foods high in acid is another wise thing to do.

Taking a good supplement that helps to decrease the effects of acid in your body is another answer.

How to stop aging? Well, there is no way to really stop aging, however, if your body is working properly, you will naturally feel better, be healthier and look younger.

Now you know how to stop aging by dropping acid!

Balancing the pH levels in your body can really help you feel years younger by eliminating a lot of problems you can come across in the natural aging process.

If you can eliminate the health issues caused by unbalanced pH levels, you are far more likely to have the energy and motivation to eat better and exercise more to look and feel younger with each passing day.

To find out which foods are high in acid and more ways to drop acid, check out how to stop aging information here.

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