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Is Boots No 7 An Effective Product To Treat Wrinkles?
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Is Boots No 7 An Effective Product to Treat Wrinkles?

What are wrinkles, types of wrinkles?

Wrinkles are skin problems that are inevitable part of aging. It is characterised by folds, creases, ridges on various parts of face, neck, arms. Wrinkles can appear at many places in human body; it is more prevalent below eyes, forehead, neck area, face and cheeks and back part of the hands.

There are three types of wrinkles:

1. Surface lines: Usually you get to notice appearance of fine lines, on skin. The folds are very much visible from close distance and most wrinkle treatment solution focus on the removing the fine lines.

2. Deeper furrows: The furrows are larger folds that are visible and very much irreversible condition caused from aging.

3. Wrinkles due to aging: Wrinkle formation caused from loss of elasticity beneath the skin makes you look older. This also makes the skin thinner and more vulnerable to the environmental conditions. The skin becomes less capable to protect against free radicals.

Causes of wrinkles:

Most common cause of wrinkling effects on skin occurs due to deficiency of collagen and elastin. Another cause is immersion in water for longer duration. The wrinkled skin caused with aging is natural and cannot be completely avoided. Expressions are also culprits causing wrinkled effects on skin. Other factors that lead to damaged skin include sun exposure, smoking, dehydration, ill effects from medications and unhealthy lifestyle.

Smoking causes reduction in blood flow which ultimately leads to premature aging. Sun contains harmful UV rays that tend to develop the wrinkles. People with lighter skin tone are more susceptible to experience damages due to environmental exposure.

Facial expressions like frowning, laughing, squinting, repeatedly smiling has higher risk of developing wrinkles.

These facial exercises affect the muscles thereby leaving folds on skin.

Even though wrinkles are signals of wisdom many people feel embarrassed with these aging issues. Nowadays many natural methods to tackle the aging issues are available; Boot No.7 is one such anti-wrinkle cream. Let us now check out some features of Boot No. 7

How boot no. 7 helps to remove them?

Boots no. 7 is popular range of skincare products containing toners, moisturizers and anti-aging products. Boot No 7 is most powerful anti-aging serum that works on skin to make you look younger.

This product is hypo allergenic and works well for people prone to allergies and having sensitive skin. It has product specifically designed for oily skin, dry and normal skin. The product has been clinically tested for its long term anti-aging effects.

Apply the serum into your face and neck after cleansing and toning. Follow this procedure twice a day and use a moisturizer to have smooth skin.

The product contains Pro Retinol and concentrated levels unique anti-oxidant formula. It protects from environmental damage and firms the peptides to boost the elasticity of skin.

Some of the ingredients in boots are listed below:

Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, isobutylparaben, cyclopentasiloxane, butylene glycol, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, sodium PCA, Retinyl palmitate, propylene glycol, tocopherol, magnesium sulfate, cyclohexasiloxane and glycerin are some of the ingredients present in this product.

Benefits of this product:

• The product is hypoallergenic.

• It works well with all skin types.

• This product is dermatologically tested.

Are there any cons?

• The product is helpful to get rid of the wrinkles, age spots and fine lines.

• People having sensitive skin could have harsh effects using this product.

• The serum content is too little compared to its cost.

Bottom line: Boots No.7 effective anti-aging treatment?

This wrinkle cream is effective to restore youthful and vibrant looking skin. The results after using this product were significant and this reduced the visible lines and furrows on skin. Read Boot No.7 cosmetic reviews from different sources before you opt for this one.

About Author:

She is a beauty expert having years of experience in makeup and beauty industry. She has written numerous articles on beauty products, wrinkle cream reviews like skinlastin,lifecell,dermagist Wrinkle care and breaking beauty industry news.

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