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Vitamin A Benefits For Skin - An Anti Aging Weapon
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In looking at the vitamin A benefits for skin, you should know that this vitamin can play a major role in keeping skin young looking and healthy. This article will review the importance of adding vitamin A to your arsenal of anti-aging weapons.

Vitamin A is a good choice to help rejuvenate your skin. The reason for this is due to its' cell repairing and rejuvenating qualities. It is imperative to have this in your body for the natural production of healthy new cells and skin.

Anti-aging is all about having the best looking skin possible. Characteristics of the best looking skin include having an even skin tone, softness, smoothness and an all-around healthy glow. Vitamin A can help you achieve these things due to its cell renewing qualities.

Vitamin A can be obtained from eating select foods, orally via a supplement, or used directly on the skin in topical form. It should be noted that the body ingests all forms of vitamin A no matter how it is delivered to your system.

In terms of food, vitamin A comes from two different sources. Retinoids (which come from animal sources) and carotenoids (which come from plants). Retinoids include retinol, and carotenoids include beta carotene.

Your body naturally produces vitamin A from foods high in beta-carotene such as:

  • Dark green, leafy vegies
  • Deep yellow/orange fruits & vegies (cantaloupe, peaches, pumpkin, yams, carrots, squash)

Other foods containing vitamin A include:

  • Fish liver oils
  • Dairy products (cheese, butter and whole milk products)
  • Eggs
  • Beef

It should be noted that too much vitamin A can be toxic to the body and can result in dry skin, lips and eyes, stomach upset, fatigue, headache and muscle/joint pain. Vitamin A is absorbed along with fat in your body, and unlke beta carotene, can build up in your system. For a healthy adult male or female, no more than 500 to 1,000 mg should be taken on a daily basis.

Vitamin A appears in other over-the-counter products such as medications to treat acne, cold medications, even eye and joint supplements to name just a few. Be sure to check the labels on any medications or supplements you may take if you are already taking a vitamin A supplement.

You have probably heard the term Retinol A many times, which is another name for vitamin A.

There are skin creams, lotions and serums delivering vitamin A to your skin in various strengths, anywhere from the bare minimum for effectiveness, to acid-based products (serums).

Note that you need a skin cream with at least 0.5% of retinol for the product to be effective. Skin creams containing any form of retinol need to be used sparingly, as it accelerates the production of new skin cells and therefore, the new layer of skin is exposed and needs to be protected with sunscreen.

You may have a serious reaction to retinol if you use too much, and will result in a burning sensation and possible redness. A lot of acid-type products contain vitamin A and just as the name "acid" suggests, it tends to be used more harsh to your skin. Acid-type products would be used for a more dramatic effect of stripping off the top layer of skin more quickly.

Vitamin A benefits for skin include more effective turnover of new cells in the top layer of your skin, a boost to collagen production, reduction in blemishes, and smoother skin.

Additional benefits of vitamin A include an improvement to your eyesight, building strong bones (to help fight osteoporosis), a healthy immune system and treatment of skin disorders such as acne and rosacea.

The bottom line is that vitamin A benefits for the skin are numerous. A noticeable improvement will be seen in the skin especially if a topical skin cream is used on a daily basis. Since the body ingests all forms of vitamin A, you should notice a definate improvement in your complexion within just a few weeks.

Now that you know the benefits of vitamin A, think about ways you can work more of this skin-healthy vitamin into your diet or skincare program. Depending on how aggressive you choose to be, you can customize your vitamin A program accordingly.

It is easy to do by choosing to eat more foods rich in vitamin A, adding a daily vitamin, or using Retinol A skin products.

Discover more about the best vitamins and skincare for anti-aging at the vitamin A benefits for skin site.

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