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What Is Sea Salt?
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When it comes to the subject of diet and salt, do you find yourself sitting on the fence? Well since that isn't the most comfortable spot, perhaps this information will help talk you down off of there.

Over the years, mostly due to wrong information and poor research, salt has taken on quite the color of the enemy. So much so that some health "authorities" claim that it's the absolute worst thing for anybody to have in their diet and that they will just bloat up and die if they don't immediately cut it out of their diet immediately!

The first thing I'd like to say in response to that is; poor, poor little misunderstood salt. The second thing I'd like to say is that personally I always find it interesting no, fascinating, when there is such controversy swirling around any given subject. Don't you? To me that simply means that there is some hidden truth there which needs to be discovered.

Now just as there are two categories of salt there are two categories of salt people. The ones who think they are "protecting" their health by abstaining from using any salt at all, and the ones who have taken the George Burn's approach throwing caution to the wind by dousing everything they can with salt.

Which leads me to the subject of my article, "what is sea salt"? Basically you have two salts out there; table salt and sea salt. Table salt is your every day, run of the mill salt found in restaurants, most people's kitchens, friends houses and so on. It's full of aluminum, which has been linked to problems such as high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease, to name a few. In a nutshell, aluminum is the main reason that table salt is so bad for you and your health, to just cut to the chase, table salt is basically poison. So if you still plan to use it after reading this, then you may as well get out a marker, and draw a skull and some bones on your salt shaker.

Ok so now what is sea salt? Sea salt is a special untreated salt which does not contain aluminum. It's the good salt. Sea salt contains the valuable properties that your body actually needs called, trace minerals. Trace Minerals are the minerals that assist the body with things like; proper digestion, balancing internal fluid levels and prevention of swelling and inflammation, to name a few.

So the truth is, your body does need salt. It just needs the right kind of salt. Climate and life style also play a role in the amount of salt needed by an individual.


Street Talk

Quite informative. Thought all salt was the same.

  about 6 years ago
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