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Wrinkles On Face And Neck – How To Prevent Neck And Facial Wrinkles?
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Wrinkles on Face And Neck – How to Prevent Neck And Facial Wrinkles?

Combination of sagging skin and wrinkles on face and neck are signs of aging. More people are concern with wrinkles on the face and usually neglect those on the neck. While neck wrinkles do not catch our attention the way face wrinkles do, they are still tell tales sign that we have grown older. Therefore, we should exercise care and take precautionary measures to keep our skin firm and also delay the neck and facial wrinkles from showing up.

Before we dive in with prevention tips, let's start by understanding how and why wrinkles are formed.

At the peak of our youth, our skin is elastic. Grooves and lines are barely visible when we smile or frown. The problem starts when we aged. Our body loses its ability to retain water as effective as it used to be. Also, the production of collagen and elastin begin to decline.

Consequently, this leads to dry and sagging skin. The tissues underneath our skin no longer extend and retract without signs of wrinkles when we make a facial expression or bend our head.

Here are some tips to delay the appearance of wrinkles on face and neck:

Clean the Face and Neck – Wash the face and neck twice daily and thrice during the summer season. While it sounds strange to wash the neck, it is just as crucial as washing our face since the neck is exposed to dust, dirt and harmful rays too.

Moisturize – Keep neck and facial wrinkles away with properly moisturizer. Apply to the face and neck after washing. This keeps the skin hydrated and prevents the onset of skin aging. Proper selection of moisturizer is important too. Choose a moisturizer rich in antioxidant, vitamin C and E and one that will not clog the pores.

Skin Tightening - Apply skin tightening cream regularly to prevent sagging skin. Choose a firming cream with Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl 3000, Argireline and Resveratrol if possible as these are effective ingredients for skin tightening.

Exfoliation – Similar to cleansing, most focus on exfoliating the face only. Exfoliation should extend to the neck as well. Exfoliate twice per week gently to remove the dead skin cells and to allow new ones to grow.

Massage – Facilitate proper nourishment of your tissues and cells with daily massage. This is an important part of keeping the skin young and firming skin. It should be perform even if you are using skin tightening cream as part of your skin care regime.

Protect from the Harmful Rays – If possible, stay out of the sun as the harmful rays accelerate aging. A practical approach is to apply the sun screen to face and neck 20 minutes before leaving the house. If possible, use organic sunscreen as it protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) ray, with less chance of skin irritation. Stay shaded with an umbrella, sunglasses or wide brimmed hat.

Healthy Lifestyle – By adjusting your lifestyle, it delays wrinkles on face and neck from appearing. First stay away from food loaded with preservatives and chemical. These are toxins which accelerate aging. Instead, consume organic vegetables and fruits. Also go for meat from free range animals and eat wild salmon weekly if possible.

Quit smoking if you are a smoker. While nicotine satisfies craving, it deprives your body of the needed nutrients, increases the level of toxins in your body and accelerates aging.

Drink 8 glasses or more water daily. Water hydrates the skin and purges toxins out of the body.

Limit alcohol drinking and stay away from drugs. If avoiding alcohol is not possible, give preference to red wine and keep to half glass per meal.

While aging is part of the natural process, delaying the onset of wrinkles on face and neck is possible with proper daily skin care and a healthy lifestyle.

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