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Golden Horseshoe Antique Tractor Tour
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The 2011 Golden Horshoe Antique Tractor Tour will take place on Saturday June 4th and Sunday June 5th, 2011 in Southern Ontario in the Hamilton, Niagara and Haldimand areas. These shows are at the collectors home where they are showing off their collections, along with some of their friends collections. These shows are going to be in Mount Hope, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Wainfleet, Lowbanks and Dunnville. Details of sites are as follows:

1. 5240 Miles Rd., Mount Hope - Bill Daniels along with the Oaks Brothers, P. Timson, B. Daniels, K. Daniels, D. Butter will be showing off their collections featuring - IH Cub Lowboy, Avery M.H. Case, M.Moline, Allis Chalmers, JD H, Oliver 99, Iron Horse, Beatty Pumps, Oliver 77.

2. 6136 White Church Road, Mount Hope - Larry Smith who owns O'Neil's Farm Equipment in Binbrook has been collecting International Harvester memorabilia for decades. Along with his sons & friend Brian Kirkpatrick, this stop features IH Trucks including the Scout pickup, Farm Tractors, Farm Machines, a Crawler Cub, some Cadet Engines, Toys, International Harvester fridges, and cars. Some of the items will be for sale. The local church just down the road, is setting up a food booth, so bring your appetite. Phone: 905-679-6136

3. 1220 Mud Street, Stoney Creek (Hamilton) - Joe Carlton has an impressive collection of John Deere including: John Deere B-D-G - 320 330 -- 830 Series, 2-40S, 1-40U, John Deere Mower Foragewagon, L.A. MT-N, 40 pieces total Phone: 905-643-2280 Cell: 905-541-7755. These tractors have been impeccably restored and are well worth looking at.

4. 614 Ridge Road, Grimsby - Bill Vickers was part of a family owned business selling cub cadets. Todays' collection features Cub Cadet Lawn tractors & Equipment, Literature, Toys, 544 Cadet Hydro & More. Phone 905-643-1402

5. 322 Russ Road, Grimsby - Kevin & Robin Johnston along with several of their friends and neighbours are once again showing off their collections with Kevin & Robin's Oliver collection with Oliver Super 44 to 99, crawlers, equipment. Alan Johnston with his Oliver 55 and Cockshutts. Andrew Deleebeeck with Oliver OC6 crawler on rubber. Tony Vaness with those great big ES-Case Tractors. Keith Seabrook with his Case tractors. Earl Crooks, Cal Loney and Clayton Jarvis collect various makes and will have some of them to show.

6. 42822 Hwy #3, Wainfleet - Tom Putman along with some of his friends from the Niagara Antique Power Association will be showing at least 10 Stationary engines, Tractors including Cockshutt, Ford and International along with numerous other antique farm equipment.

7. 32633 Feeder Road, West Wainfleet - Simon and Arie Bulk - This father and son team have an impressive collection of International Harvester equipment including 5 International Harvester tractors from 1920 - 1960, 8 trucks from 1914 - 1956, 20 Cub Cadets, and IH Engines. In total over 50 pieces of IH machinery.

8. 2927 Lakeshore Drive, Lowbanks - (HTH) Henry TerHoek - has a nice collection of Massey Harris tractors, and collectibles, including a rare Massey Harris bike, cream separators, toys and tools. Also featured are tractors fromWallis, Waterloo Bronco, Silver King, Cockshutt, International Harvester, Case, Leader and John Deere. Phone 905-736-4349.

9. 8025 Hwy #3 West Dunnville - Francis Topp, an International Harvester collector, has more recently been collecting International Cub Cadet garden tractors. Along with friends Ted Klunder, Keith Dunn and Gord Walton,this stop will be featuring some of the smaller IH tractors, Cub Cadet, CubLo-Boy, along with a rare CASE VAO orchard model, TEA Ferguson and more.

This is a two day tour from 9:00 a.m. to 5:p.m. each day. Pick up your tour map at any one of the locations listed above to get directions to the rest of the locations. These colectors will be happy to show and talk to you about their collections. Make it an afternoon event at one or two locations or spend both days on the tour and see all nine locations.

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