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Lawn And Garden Tractor Pull Rules
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Grand River Antique Society 2011 Lawn & Garden Tractor Pull Classes

These are the rules we came up with for our first lawn and garden tractor pull.

Lawn & Garden tractors will be divided into three classes depending on the weight of the tractor.

Weight Classes:

Under 800 lbs

800 to 1000 lbs.

Over 1000 lbs.

Lawn and Garden will be further divided into three classes including Stock, Modified, and Super Modified.

Class A - Stock: Factory Lawnmower configuration Engine at factory settings, no over govern Turf tires only Factory drawbar hitch, clevis to attach to pull sled

Class B - Modified: Factory lawnmower configuration Engine at factory settings, no over govern Agriculture or ATV tires permitted Modified hitch OK, nomore than 12” off ground Wheelie bars required Exhaust may be modified

Class C - Super Modified: Factory lawnmower configuration Engine modifications OK Agriculture, ATV, or pulling tires permitted Modified hitch OK,nomore than 12” off ground Wheelie bars required Helmet must be worn during pulling Deadman throttle switch recommended

2011 Lawn & Garden Tractor Pull Rules

1. Maximum tire size is 26” x 12”.

2. All added weights must be securely attached.

3. Wheelie bars must have pads (minimum of 3” square) or tires (minimum 4” diameter x 1” wide) and be maximum of 6” off ground, and minimum 6” behind rear tires.

4. Minimum age of 12 years and to be accompanied by an adult at all times, minimum of 16 years to pull on own.

5. Drivers must remain seated during pull.

6. Pulling order will be assigned at time of registration.

7. The tractor is to pull with a tight chain, no jerking.

8. The flagman/track officials have full control and final say on all decisions to be made in the track area.

9. Commitment cone will be 20 feet down the tract. You may stop and start again if you do not pass the cone, however once passed, the pull is registered.

10. No horseplay, speeding, passengers, foul language, alcohol will be allowed. Disqualification to pull by track officials may happen.

11. Insurance is required, and a signature on the registration form stating as such is compulsory.

12. All tractors must be weighed and classed by a track official.

13. Factory lawnmower configuration means factory build and design, no homemade allowed.

14. Modified hitch to have a minimum of 1 ½” diameter hole to hook the pull sled.

15. Any parts or weights to fall off tractor during pull will result in disqualification.

These rules and regulations are designed for the safety of the tractor puller, helpers, track officials and the public. Please keep our tractor pull safe. Enjoy the Grand River Antique Society weekend, including antique tractor pulls, threshing, log sawing at the sawmill and plowing, incuding 4H plowing.

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