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How To Prevent From Blushing
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Although blushing is more common in women than men, both genders sometimes have issues with blushing.  When your skin turns bright red because of embarrassment, it is really the blood vessels in your face getting larger and filling with blood.  That is what causes the pink coloration typical of blushing.  It is more obvious in lighter skinned people than darker skinned people. 

Typically when you think of blushing, teenagers come to mind.  Unfortunately, many adults also suffer from the issue.  This can lead to problems with different parts of life such as:  social issues, work insecurity, and even family issues.  Learning how to prevent from blushing can help you!

Doctors are beginning to think that emotions play more of a factor in blushing that they originally thought it did.  They are finding out that people are sometimes able to learn to control their own blushing  by monitoring it.  If you are typically a laid back person who is able to relax easily and learn to control your reactions then there may be a pretty good possibility that you can keep your blushing under control with some practice.

Relaxation plays a big part in learning how to prevent from blushing.  All sorts of things can help you relax more and keep that blushing under control!  The key is finding what works for you!  Things that might help are: visualization, yoga, deep breathing,  and learning to refocus your mind.  Think of what you enjoy doing and what relaxes you and then you can follow that path to see if there are any techniques that you can apply when you find yourself in a situation where you are blushing or feel the blush coming on.

Distracting yourself can work wonders.  Think of something you are looking forward to doing later in the day or even later that week.  What are you having for dinner?  What will you wear tomorrow?  Think about anything that has nothing to do with the situation that is making you blush.  Remove yourself mentally as far as possible from the moment. 

If you find that you are unable to learn how to prevent blushing on your own, you can always seek medical attention. Set up an appointment with your doctor.  Tell them what’s going on and how it is affecting your life.  They will be able to point you in the right direction.  There are medical options available such as therapy, hypnosis, surgery, etc.  Your doctor will know what’s best for you and be able to get you in contact with the right place.  You can learn how to prevent from blushing!  

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