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How To Stop Panic Attacks From Taking Over Your Life?
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How to Stop Panic Attacks From Taking Over Your Life?

Are you having a hard time living your life like you used to after your first panic attack? Ever since then, you think about it constantly. It makes you feel very scared, depressed and edgy all the time.

How have panic attacks affected your life?

  • You dread going to school each day especially if it lasts long hours without a break in between. You are unable to stay attentive during lesson.
  • Missing more and more classes.
  • Too nervous when taking exam even though you have studied hard for it.
  • Drop in grades.
  • Unable to focus at work and take medical leave frequently. Your boss is unhappy with your work performance and attendance.
  • Turn down promotion or job duty where traveling overseas is required.
  • Poor relationship with your family and friends as you withdrew yourself from them.
  • Can’t enjoy anything that you used to love doing.
  • Find yourself avoiding driving or traveling whenever possible.
  • Having a hard time staying asleep.

What you can do to live a life free from panic attacks

Panic attacks limit your usual activities so much that you hate it. You want your life back. You want to be able to sleep well, watch movies, hang out with your friends, travel for holiday, a successful career and more.

Here are three easy steps on how to stop panic attacks from taking over your life:

  1. Understand panic attacks

    The first step is to know what a panic attack is: the mental and physical aspect of it. Many people thought that they were having a panic attack even though they had undergone medical assessment and were told that they do not have a heart condition. Thus, they tend to overreact to the uncomfortable physical sensation and develop a fear of having another attack. You need to find out what exactly happens in your body system when you are having a panic attack so that you can beat it.

  2. A coping technique

    I guess you would agree that the scariest part of a panic attack is the physical sensation. It is so overwhelming that you are unable to forget the feeling. Hence, you need to master a technique on how to stop panic attacks when you feel it coming on. With practice, you will be more confident and no longer fear it as you are in control.

  3. Live your life

    Don’t make any changes in your life for panic attacks. Attend school or work as usual. Stay attentive during lectures. Refer to your checklist of work tasks to be completed for the day. This will keep your mind off having panic attacks. Don’t skip any social activity. Enjoy the company of your family and friends.

I hope with these three steps, you will choose to take control of panic attacks instead of letting them control you. You can definitely live a life free from panic attacks if you are determined and take action to work towards it.

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